How To Create A Positive Mindset Using Colour 1

How To Create A Positive Mindset Using Colour

How Colour Influences You

In my blog at Christmas, I wrote how you can cultivate calm through colour. Well colour can be also used to create a positive mindset that helps support you in regards to your self- esteem and self-worth.

As a teenager and in my early twenties I was very unadventurous when it came to wearing colourful clothes. Majority of the time I would wear black, all black in fact. I discovered someone who wears mainly black has issues around confidence and can be introverted. This was very true for myself at this particular period of my life, I was struggling with low self-esteem and self-worth being very withdrawn and shy.

Not to say that black is bad, as it represents potential and can be used for protection. However, wearing too much black is not helpful if you suffer with mental health issues or lack energy as it can aggravate or magnify these problems.

It wasn’t until my late twenties I discovered through a healer that what I wear, eat, surround myself with in regards to colour, effects my mental and physical health.

As I mentioned in the blog last December 6 Ways To Cultivate Calm This Christmas Using Colour  “Each colour has its own frequency and it is these frequencies that impact our mind, body and spirit. As our cells are light sensitive the frequency of colours can have a positive effect upon them as well as the psyche.”

I was advised by the healer to wear, visualise, and eat foods that were orange. I was amazed how quickly when incorporating this colour and other colours into my life, how I began to experience a change in my mindset. One that was more supportive, empowering and allowed me to feel more confident in self.

So, I would like to share with you two colours you can use to help bring about a more positive mindset to boost your self-worth and self-esteem.

The Colours & How Best To Use Them

The Colour Orange

How To Create A Positive Mindset Using Colour 2

As was recommended to me, orange is a wonderful colour to use if you suffer with depression, negative thought patterns and habits, or if you have trouble expressing yourself. It also helps if you’ve suffered bereavement, loss, or trauma.

Orange inspires joy and creativity. It encourages expressing creatively such as writing or creating art to express repressed emotions. This is particularly good if you suffer mental health issues as these can stem from not expressing oneself fully.

One of the best ways of doing this is through journaling where you can write in it with abandon, do some scribbling, or collage some images in of how you feel. All wonderful ways to release pent up emotions and feel light-hearted and playful.

Surround yourself with the colour orange, whether that be eating it, wearing it, drinking it or if you have some coloured paints, pens or crayons to hand, colour a piece of paper with orange, or on a page in your journal. Breathe it in.

Looking at sunsets is a wonderful way of receiving the orange ray that has also has a wonderful calming effect upon the mind. If not able to do this live, find yourself a picture of a sunset online and print out. You can find beautiful images to print for free on  Unsplash or  ( Or if you feel creative, create your own sunset scene for fun. The vibrant flamboyant orange promotes fun and this is so important to create a healthy and positive mindset.

How To Create A Positive Mindset Using Colour 3
How To Create A Positive Mindset Using Colour 4

Orange energises and activates helping you to become more active in a fun joyous way, such as dancing, moving the body in creative ways. Moving the body helps alleviate stagnant energies and feelings, enabling you to feel re-energised, clear in mind to see things from a more positive perspective. Whilst bringing you back into the present and grounding you at the same time.


Here are some positive affirmations you can say whilst visualising the colour orange:


I am overflowing with orange, that is filling me with energy and enthusiasm for life


I am filled with the joy and fun of orange


I am dancing to the energy of orange


If you feel truly inspired then create your own.


The Colour Yellow

Yellow is associated with the mind, the intellect. It’s warm and creates expansiveness that opens you to new ideas and helps to bring clarity, awareness and alertness. This colour is great if you suffer from lack of confidence, fatigue, sensitivity to criticism. Also despair and like orange – depression too.

Yellow will assist with changing your perspectives, particularly if they are negative and brings a sense of upliftment and cheerfulness.

Getting out into nature when the sun shines will give you a boost.

It is great to use if you wish to do inner reflection, or visualisation.  As this colour encourages you to get into feeling and connect with your inner world, where your innate source of wisdom and guidance resides.


How To Create A Positive Mindset Using Colour 5

Yellow is all about personal power, knowing and living your truth as it is associated with the solar plexus chakra your power centre. So, if you struggle to feel worthy or good enough out in the world and particularly around other people, then yellow can be helpful to give you the confidence to be yourself. Like orange wearing this colour can help particularly if you are socialising.

If you feel stuck or stagnated yellow helps you to create change and this does not have to be any major move, it could just be a matter of seeing something differently, changing your outlook on life.

How To Create A Positive Mindset Using Colour 6

Other ways you can utilise this colour is through using your senses of taste and smell. Such as drinking lemon tea, eating yellow foods such as bananas, or using some essential oil associated with this colour such as: Lemon, basil, bergamot, grapefruit, camphor or lemongrass. I personally find it is very refreshing and brings me back to a sense of openness and presence. It also helps you to gain a sense of objectivity if things have felt confusing or unclear.

Yellow is fantastic if you are studying, learning, reading or writing. As with the orange you could use a journal writing your way to a positive mindset, freeing yourself of old limiting beliefs and stories.


Here are few affirmations you can choose from to whilst using the colour yellow:


I feel uplifted and inspired with yellow


With yellow I’m able to make empowering decisions


I am now brimming with yellow and filled with confidence


Again, create your own if you feel inspired to do so.

You will be amazed how powerful these two colours can impact your mindset and whole being in fact! It is important to use them more than once to experience their effect, so make them part of your daily self-care practise. Or if you don’t have a self-care practise, then perhaps using these colours can become your practise. Use some of the suggestions here, or create your own ways to use them. Let your intuition guide you on this.

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