Awaken To Your Creative Fire Within! 1

Awaken To Your Creative Fire Within!

How Awakening To Your Creative Fire Within Was Inspired

Awaken To Your Creative Fire Within! 2

Awaken to your creative fire within was first inspired by another goddess. An unexpected encounter with the Goddess Hecate on Halloween. A goddess who assists with healing the shadow as she has her connections with what is termed as the underworld. That which is unseen and where our shadows lurk. The darkness we often want to avoid. With her torches of light to illuminate and dagger to strip away what no longer serves, who activated this aspect within me. Who I’ve at present titled The Enchantress of Fire. This goddess aspect of me wishes to share the following message of “awaken to your creative fire within!”

Seeing The Truth By Doing The Inner Work

It is now time to truly activate the creative fire within you all. How do you do this you may ask? It is achieved by continual observing in love, acceptance and compassion of your wounding, trauma, shadow, that rises up when triggered by an experience or person. Often presenting itself as anger, sadness, irritation, frustration, anxiety, stress, resentment or even apathy.

This is all about seeing the truth, the reality of your life through the eyes of love that sees beyond the illusions, the corruption, misinterpretations often created in childhood when there was lack of understanding or awareness because you hadn’t yet experienced and learnt certain things at that stage, to know any better. Or that you were made to feel shamed and unworthy by those in authority who were struggling with their own wounding’s. The truth tells you, you are not your wounding, your trauma, especially the labels you place upon them or yourself. This truth is your fire that burns through all that you are not, to reveal who you are in essence. A creative force living in a frail human body.

Honouring Yourself By Listening To Your Intuition

The fire within you may at present be just a mere flicker of light, but as you honour yourself in the way mentioned above, you will begin to feel this fire grow in intensity and become more a driving force in your life.

In conjunction with this, is to learn to listen to your intuition and follow its promptings. Those desires, yearnings, a sense of excitement bubbling in your heart, inspirations popping up out of the blue. These are aspects of the creative fire making their presence known.

Your Soul Has Created A Life Plan

You see your soul created a life plan before you incarnated into the life you lead now. This life plan was to learn certain lessons, go through experiences which enabled you to grow in understanding and awareness. To gain knowledge based upon experience, not just concepts or information grasped by the mind. Your soul planned to experience through certain interests, passions and joys for expression, freedom and expansion.

The reason your creative fire dims, is because more often than not the guidance from the soul is ignored in favour of influences and distractions from the external world taking precedence. Conditioning and programming in your world, has created a false sense of self, an identity which prevents the creative fire from truly expressing and expanding to its full potential.

However, all is not lost as you have the power to change this! Though this is not for the faint-hearted as it takes courage, tenaciousness, the willingness not to give in no matter how challenging the road to recovery and transformation becomes.

Following Your Soul

To follow your soul through the intuition takes courage because it can often require taking leaps of faith, not seeing the road miles ahead of you, but only the first step right in front of you. This is necessary because if you did see the whole picture, it may be too overwhelming and perhaps off-putting.  So, your soul only asks of you to just take one step at a time to make this achievable for yourself slowly but surely.

Often these soul steps are not linear and may take you off in many directions like a wild fire that is unpredictable and can change direction in any given moment. This will not make sense to the mind but there is an intelligence behind it all that knows better. It is this you must trust and in doing so you will truly awaken the fire within. This will be your guiding light, the torch lighting the way on a path yet to be forged by you moment by moment, step by step.

The Signs You Have Activated Your Creative Fire

You will know when this fire is activated as you will feel assertive, focused, more self-assured, confident in saying no able to create healthy boundaries. You won’t waste your time of frivolous things sap your energy or that distract you from your what is truly in alignment with your soul. Most of all you will be filled with inspiration, connect to higher wisdom and insights and greater awareness. Giving you the power to make positive change, choices and decisions more fulfilling than your wildest imaginings.

Allow yourself dear ones to be the fire lights of this world, inspiring and igniting the fire within those you encounter and meet along the way, like the logs on a fire. Just by being YOU! Be your own enchantress of fire.

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