My Transformational Story So Far..

Janine Keall, Psychic Artist

A Brief intro about Janine...

The love for art stems back to childhood, where I spent many happy hours drawing and painting. After leaving school I attended art college gaining a General Art and Design Diploma. I went onto study Jewellery Design HND though only completed a year of the two year course. For a number of years after this I was unemployed and felt rather lost. In 1990 the family and I moved to Scotland, I spent a couple of years unemployed again until I decided to return to education to study childcare in 1992. It was during this time I joined a mountaineering club and found spiritual solace climbing the varying mountain ranges across Scotland. I gained my Scotvec National Certificate in Childcare in 1994 and was lucky to find employment.

A year later I returned to England. I was suffering from illness at this point and could not look for work for a while. I met a wonderful healer and it was not long before my health was restored. This lady happened to be member of The Aetherius Society, a spiritual organisation dedicated world peace and bringing about an ecological balance on Earth, working in co-operation with Cosmic Masters. I joined this brotherhood after a few months, and as time passed I found my spiritual sensitivity and intuition had enhanced quite dramatically.

My Spirit Guide, Star

Meeting Spirit Guide Star...

It was during this year of 1995 the first major spiritual experience occured. Earlier in the day I had attended a colour therapy workshop. I came home and felt inspired to listen to a guided meditation created by the lady who had delivered the workshop that day. I was part way through the meditation where I could hear water trickling down a hillside and visualised myself lying next to this. I suddenly felt I was actually there, a few seconds or what seemed seconds I felt this surge of energy pulsate right through my body, it was so strong it took my breath away.Though it took me by surprise I was not at all upset by this experience, in fact it was actually very pleasant. However, I discovered after the energy had subsided that there was a presence with me. Since that time this presence has remained with me and I discovered a number of years later this was my main spirit guide Star.

Drawing of an Angel

Meeting an Angel...

In 2010 I went through what is termed as the ‘dark night of the soul’. After struggling with my position as a Senior Early Years Worker I asked the question “why is it people have faith in me but I don’t in myself?” The answer came “because you believe your thoughts”. This was another profound moment. In realising what had been said I felt this click inside as if a pilot light had come back on in boiler and I felt my heart open. A change had occurred that day and things at work deteriorated as the months went by and I found myself going on the sick in the November of that year. It was during the sick leave I was urged by my intuition to do an art journal. For weeks I found myself writing poems and creating collage pages, I felt like I was in some sort of zone, the art and writing was pouring out of me and onto the pages of the journal. One particular day I had drawn an angelic like being, it felt slightly different from the previous pages as I felt guided whilst drawing this figure. However, it was not until a year later in November 2011 I discovered the significance of this being.

Lydia (The Artist)

Meeting Lydia...

After seeing an advert about a Spirit artist doing one to one sessions on a friend’s website, I felt a strong urge to see her, so booked without hesitation. The day before visiting the psychic artist I was informed by my guide Star, that when I meet this lady she would tell me I could do psychic art. To my amazement this is exactly what happened, but the most interesting part was, as she began to draw this guide I asked as she got blonde hair and she said yes. I immediately realised the picture I had done the year before in my journal was this guide. Though her depiction of her was of when she was in her last incarnation, not angelic as I had depicted, but she informed me they can vary their appearance when in spirit. I was informed this guide was my artist guide called Lydia and she would work with me to draw portraits of beings from spirit. Lydia was from the 15th Century who suffered from a respiratory illness which left her unable to go out so she spent her days doing art and tapestries. So this was the start of my journey into the realm of spirit as a Spirit artist.

However, I spent a few years building my confidence by channelling for friends and family. It was'nt until September of 2015 I took the plunge and set up the business to offer this service to the general public.

The Story Continues

At the beginning of offering this service the to world I mainly focused on drawing Spirit Guides. Over time though, spirit inspired me to expand my repetoire to offer portraits of; Archangels, Ascended Masters, Past Lives, Animal Guides, Elemental beings, aspects of self such as Inner Goddess, Higher Self and Inner child.

I also discovered the ability to channel beings who had placed an aspect of their consciousness into a crystal. You can read the story about this discovery in my blog ‘How I Came to Channel Portraits of Crystal Guides’

This has now been added to the list of my offerings for those who wish to discover the guides in their own crystals that can be of assistance to them.

If you wish to learn more about what I do and how I do it you can read about it in this interview with Mystic Mag who approached me to feature in their magazine. Click on this link below to access it.

How to order a Portrait

If you wish to order a portrait there is a link to my Etsy shop just below, click on this and it will take you directly to Etsy, from there you can choose which one to order by clicking on the picture.