Spirit Message From Eron An Elven Guide 1

Spirit Message From Eron An Elven Guide

Returning to Your Roots

He shows an image of the roots of a tree to signify the focus needs to be about returning to your roots. Your original beingness before your personal history and experience veiled your natural state.

There are plenty of so-called experts in the world, but in truth it is not experts that are required. Rather those whose hearts and minds are open, who are willing to be receptive to receive the wisdom and insights from the cosmos.

The world is in a sorry state because it has moved away from the natural flow and laws and as a result nature is now hitting back with the need to be more mindful of pollution. It has come to the point where measures need to be taken to return to the natural rhythms and flow of nature by being more conscientious of your thoughts and actions.

Pay Attention To Your Soul

This can only be achieved by paying attention, not to the personal mind and its restless fear-based desires, but to the soul of you. That which communicates in whispers and your feelings that inspire and excite you.

Your soul is in effect the root system, if the tree did not have a strong root system it could not grow or survive. The connection to your soul and acting upon its promptings is what creates your strong foundation. This is your source of power, if you move away from it by giving your persona the reigns you experience insecurity, confusion and fear.

The Elven Kingdom

We of the Elven kingdom are responsible for the nurturing and growth of the woodland and forests. We are creators of form; we create and nurture through love. Nothing can thrive in an environment where there is fear, judgement, condemnation or duality. We nurture through joy, acceptance and celebration, working together as one strong unit or force utilising the life-force. There is no comparing or competition as this creates separation not unification.

We are creators of form; we create and nurture through love.

Create Rather Than Fix

The focus for you dear ones is to create rather than try to fix what is not functioning or working in your current reality. When something is not working it is an indication a change is required, not to try and repeat what has been but make a fresh start. It does require courage and the need to come out of your comfort zones to do this however.

Create new pathways by allowing yourself to play, shake up stagnant routines or let go of them completely.

Focus On Your Blessings & Celebrate!

Celebrate your moments, your day, your life by focusing on your blessings no matter how large or small. Let them be the reason for your celebrations! Sing and dance as we do as a way to bring about the desired manifestations. The more you do so the more you will notice how more blessings will enter into your life. When you focus on your blessings you are in actual fact living in unconditional love. Uncontaminated love, pure love expands and builds upon itself. Love is the building block of all creation!

Uncontaminated love, pure love expands and builds upon itself. Love is the building block of all creation!

Make Decisions & Choices From Your Heart

So, friends make all your decisions and choices from your heart space where true unconditional love resides. True connection and truth stem from your heart and we of the Elven kingdom connect to you through this portal, as do other beings from the elemental realms of your Earth.

Come Together In Love & Celebration

Celebrate, express, play and create! If enough of you do this watch the world transform into a paradise not experienced on this Earth for centuries since the fall of Atlantis. Come together dear ones in love and celebration and we will celebrate with you as we once did.

For now, is the time for re-union, collaboration and co-operation with all life upon this planet both seen and unseen to bring about a revolution, a harmony and peace that has eluded you for too long.

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