I want to share with you meditations, poems and stories that you can use for healing, receiving wisdom and for self-empowerment. I will update this page on a regular basis so you can enjoy more of my offerings.


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Naia The Mermaid

During this meditation you will meet Naia the Mermaid. I connected to Naia via an Aquamarine crystal whose consciousness resided within it.

You can connect with the Mermaids if you own a Aquamarine, so please if you have one sit with it whilst listening to this meditation.

The music was created by Steven North and his twin flame & spirit guide, Amy North, who were inspired by the image I channelled here. Steven & Amy are the founders of Heart Activation music that utilises crystal frequencies, plus energies from Ascended Masters –  www.stevennorth.com.au


Allow Your Soul To Express Itself


Allow your soul to express itself,

don’t hold back in doubt and fear.


It’s a matter of being courageous

to show up fully, even if seen as rather queer!


For the soul is your creative nature,

that desires to explore and play.


To be curious and find wonderment,

within the experiences of each day.


So, it’s important to follow its inspirations,

to avoid feeling life is boring and bland.


As it’s only focus is to express with abandon

to learn, grow and expand.


J.R.Keall 4/3/22

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When you are feeling stagnated or frustrated,

there’s nothing like a good scribble on a page.

When all is going awry and you want to cry,

just scribble to prevent lashing out in rage.

Scribbling is like a wild untamed energy

that’s broken free from the confines of the mind.

So, scribble like you mean it – don’t hold back,

for it will help you to relax and unwind.

J.R.Keall 21/7/20