My Gifts to You

I want to share with you meditations, poems and stories that you can use for healing, receiving wisdom and for self-empowerment. I will update this page on a regular basis so you can enjoy more of my offerings.


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Naia The Mermaid

During this meditation you will meet Naia the Mermaid. I connected to Naia via an Aquamarine crystal whose consciousness resided within it.

You can connect with the Mermaids if you own a Aquamarine, so please if you have one sit with it whilst listening to this meditation.

The music was created by Steven North and his twin flame & spirit guide, Amy North, who were inspired by the image I channelled here. Steven & Amy are the founders of Heart Activation music that utilises crystal frequencies, plus energies from Ascended Masters –  www.stevennorth.com.au


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