The First Step In Connecting With Your Guides Is To Be Receptive! 1

The First Step In Connecting With Your Guides Is To Be Receptive!

The first step in connecting with your guides, is to be receptive. However, are you aware of what this really means?


What Does It Mean - To Be Receptive?

This means you are present, open, relaxed with a quiet mind to enable you to connect then receive guidance and information from them. Being receptive is a whole-body experience, rather than just something you may hear.  It is a form of active listening. This is done by first using all of your bodily senses to enable you to become acutely aware of your environment, to ground you and be more focused.

Attention to what is going around you will open the door to the presence of your guides and the information they wish to convey to you. Using your bodily senses makes it much easier to do this, because they are always bringing through information to you to help you make sense of the world you are experiencing.

Psychic Sensitivity

Through regular practise of using your senses, your psychic sensitivity will start to develop and it is through these psychic senses you will begin connecting with your guides.  This can occur through any one of them or more than one, this will differ with each individual. These psychic senses are called the Claires; Clairsentience – clear feeling, Clairaudience – clear hearing, Clairvoyance – clear seeing, Clairtangency – clear touching, Clairsalience – clear smelling, Clairgustance – clear tasting Clairempathy – clear sensing, Claircognizance – clear knowing. Here is a link to learn about these in more detail:


A Mind That Is Overactive

If your mind is overly active then your ability to connect and receive will be inhibited, because it distracts you from the present and it is only in the here and now you can develop that strong connection with your guides.  Therefore, it is important for you to bring yourself into this receptive state first.

Suggestions To Cultivate Receptivity

Here are some suggestions you can try to help cultivate this and can be used not only to help with connecting to your guides, but to bring you into a state of centredness no matter what you are choosing to do

Do some deep breathing where you inhale until your abdomen expands, then exhale feeling your abdomen shrink. Do this fairly slowly and evenly 3-5 times.

The First Step In Connecting With Your Guides Is To Be Receptive! 2

Go into the silence with eyes closed and sit for a while focusing on your breathing.  Use your breath to bring you back into the here and now if your mind wanders. It does take practise, but if done regularly it does get easier. The key is not to judge or expect anything, just keep focusing on the breath and the space between the thoughts. You could also put some gentle relaxing music on to aid you in this process.

Take a mindful walk, in nature and perhaps sit by some gentle flowing water, take in your environment using all of your bodily senses.

This is also a great way to help you ground in your body and feel more connected to your environment and sense more of it in an energetic way.

The First Step In Connecting With Your Guides Is To Be Receptive! 3
The First Step In Connecting With Your Guides Is To Be Receptive! 4

Get an adult colouring book and spend 10 or 15mins colouring in an image focusing on the task at hand, again using all of your senses as you colour in. Listen to the sound of the pencil moving across the paper. Smell the scent of the pencils. Feel the pencil, crayon or felt pen in your hands. Visually take in the colours you are using.

Create some mindful mark-making. All you need is a biro and paper and start creating simple marks such as circles, dots, dashes, crosses, spirals, lines, crosshatches, wavy lines, zigzags.

The possibilities are endless and you can choose one or more to draw. Have fun but more importantly take your time and be totally focused on what you are doing. Do some deep breathing as you create.

The First Step In Connecting With Your Guides Is To Be Receptive! 5

Ways In Which You Can Identify You Are Connecting With Your Guides

The most common way is through feeling a deep sense of peace or sensing a presence around you, but you may also receive a vision, a thought, a few words, smell, taste or sensations on the skin. For example, like you are being stroked softly or tingling that can cause the hairs on your skin to stand on end. It differs for each individual. These are just a few ways, again this can differ for each individual and be a very unique and personal experience.


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