Be Life Curious - Channelled Message From Spirit Guide Starstreamer 1

Be Life Curious – Channelled Message From Spirit Guide Starstreamer

Life Is For Experiencing!

I wish to share this message with you I received from my Spirit Guide Starstreamer on this important topic, as this is something that becoming increasingly important to embrace in these days of great change.

Greetings! I wish to talk to you today about curiosity and embracing the journey. It must first be made aware you came here on this physical plane to experience. You came to learn lessons from what you experience to enable you to grow and expand into greater awareness and understanding. It’s not just about creating a comfortable home to live in, getting married, having kids and earning a sustainable income and so forth. Though this is part of the human experience and there is nothing wrong with that, as you must see to your basic needs. However, just to see this as the be all and end all, is living in limitation and in doing just this alone leads to stagnation.

Being Curious About Life

To truly experience you must become curious about life. You must come out of the comfort zone and be willing to take risks and dive into the unknown, regardless of what may happen or the outcome of it. Being curious gives you the incentive to be adventurous, to explore, experiment or express new ways of being, or to try ideas that spring from your intuition. Those gut instincts that indicate what feels good to do, that excites you!

“Being curious give you the incentive to be adventurous, to explore, experiment or express new ways of being, or to try ideas that spring from your intuition.”

You Did Not Come Here To Play It Safe!

You did not come here to play it safe, you did not come here to be an expert and think you must do everything right and perfectly, or even have everything perfectly in place before trying something. No, this is just the human conditioning that has led to this limited thinking, what is termed as perfectionism.

Making mistakes, a mess, doing things wrong is part and parcel of experiencing so that you may learn and grow from them.

Have the courage to break free of these illusions and allow curiosity to rise from the depths of your very soul to take you on a journey of discovery. This could be a discovery of who you truly are on a deeper level, new attitudes or ways of being. How you relate to others, as well as the material or more physical activities and explorations.

The Doorway For New Possibilities

Curiosity helps you to move beyond old stories that you hold onto about yourself, other people and how you see life as a whole. It opens the doorway for new possibilities and opportunities to arise from which you can expand and grow. Ever deepening your connection to life not only on the physical plane, but beyond into multidimensional realities.

To Be Curious You Must Become A Student

To be curious you must become a student of life, who is fresh and new in every moment, who drops the past or ideas of the future, the stories of who you think you are, or what has happened to during your incarnation up to date. As well as all the knowledge you have collected through external sources.

All this baggage can hinder the ability to be curious as it keeps you locked in the past through fear.

So instead of thinking what if this or that happens which stems from doubts, replace it with, what if I try this or that in wonderment. Bravely taking the plunge to do something different even it is a small change.

Trust That You Will Be Supported

You must trust that you will be supported as you follow your curiosity, because it is this inquisitiveness that stems from your soul. Any whisperings from your soul will have power behind them that will drive you forward in your endeavour to explore something further.

Please know you are not only supported in this way by your soul but by your angels and guides here in the higher planes of existence. If you wish for more support then all you need to is ask for our assistance and it will come.

It is your birthright to be curious so let us support you in making this an important part of your daily life, if you find you are holding back or your life has become stale.

Embracing The Journey

As well as being curious it is also about embracing the journey. Life is not just about achieving goals, getting to a final destination or seeing end results. In doing this you are just focusing on the future and missing all that is happening in the here and now.

The richness and wonderment of life comes from truly engagement in all that you do day to day, moment to moment. By embracing the journey the parts between point A to point B you are acknowledging what is happening and you come to realise you have so much to appreciate and be grateful for.

I will leave you now to ponder on this message.

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