6 Ways To Cultivate Calm This Christmas Using Colour 1

6 Ways To Cultivate Calm This Christmas Using Colour

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How Colour Affects Us

Colour is very influential in our life, it is everywhere from the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the natural environment to the rooms in our homes and offices. Whether we realise it or not it is impacting our moods, health and well-being.

Colour has been used over the centuries for healing. The Mayans, Egyptians and Atlanteans used it for re-balancing and harmonising their people.

Each colour has its own frequency and it is these frequencies that impact our mind, body and spirit. As our cells are light sensitive the frequency of colours can have a positive effect upon them as well as the psyche.

Each colour has its own unique wisdom and healing attributes that can assist us in many ways. One of these ways is to alleviate stress and cultivate calm.

How Nature Makes Us Feel

6 Ways To Cultivate Calm This Christmas Using Colour 2

If you think about the sea/ocean why do so many of us visit the seaside and bathe in the water or enjoy just looking at the water whilst laying on the beach? It is restful and cleansing, it helps us to disperse the worries and concerns of our daily lives and brings us back into a state of peace and calm.



Yes, you could say it is because we are in a different environment away from the demands of the daily routines etc. However, it is also the colours within this natural environment that is contributing to how we are feeling too.


6 Ways To Cultivate Calm This Christmas Using Colour 3

So, we have the predominance of blue, turquoise colours of the sea/ocean and these colours are great colours to use for bringing us back to a state of calm, tranquillity and serenity. Or if you prefer more woodland, forest and fields then green is a wonderful colour to use to bring us back into harmony, balancing the emotions and relaxing our body and mind.

Obviously, we are not always going to be at the beach unless you are lucky enough to at the coast, so how can we utilise these colours during our day either at work or home.

The Christmas period is also a good time because of the many colours of the decorations and lights that bring so much upliftment and cheer, so the first way utilises this for colour healing and inducing calm.

6 Ways To Utilise These Colours

  1. If you happen to have blue or green Christmas lights as part of your decorations then spend some time looking at them and breathing in the colour deeply and evenly.
  2. Wear some clothing in these colours if you have them or a scarf, a silk scarf is particularly effective.
  3. Eating food such as Blue foods: Fish except shellfish, white meat, broccoli, black beans, mushrooms, beetroot, blueberries, dark cherries, dates, raisins, prunes, sultanas, currants, and spices. Green foods: Green vegetables, natural yoghurt, green grapes, kiwi fruit, mint, parsley, cucumber, watercress, celery, green apples.
  4. Looking at seascape or a natural green scene either painting or photo and breathe the colours in. However actually being out in nature is more beneficial if it is possible.
  5. If you are good a visualising then see yourself at the beach or in the forest if you prefer, looking or being in the water or walking through the forest. Perhaps play some relaxing music whilst you do this.
  6. If you have an indoor plant spend time looking at it and again breathe in the green.

You can use one or more of these if you wish or perhaps it may inspire you to try something else. Allow your intuition to guide you on this. For best results incorporate them in your days over festive period, make time for yourself as best you can because you are important!

Taking It Further

If you are interested to explore more of colour for health, well-being and creative expression, I have a free E-book  and bonus course you can sign up to on my home page where you can explore colour whilst playing with pastels.

As a Spirit Artist I use pastels to create the portraits and the colours I use are significant for the recipient of the portraits.

The purpose of the E-book and bonus course is to give you the opportunity to experience using pastels whilst learning more about the wisdom of colour and it gives you the opportunity to start trusting and connecting with your intuition that knows what colours you need to use in your life to improve your health and well-being. It also enables you to join my Facebook group The Rainbow Playground | Facebook This is a safe and supportive space for woman to gain confidence in expressing their playful creative nature through colour and creative fun activities that will help you to connect to your soul. To enable you to experience more flow, abundance and fulfilment in your life.

I hope you find one or a few of these ways helps you to experience calm this Christmas and into 2022. I wish you a  very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!