How To Reduce Stress Creating Scribble Drawings 1

How To Reduce Stress Creating Scribble Drawings

How To Reduce Stress Creating Scribble Drawings 2

Scribble drawing, we normally associate with children. A way for a child to express itself, as well to learn hand eye co-ordination and the introduction to writing.

However, scribbling drawing is a wonderful activity for adults to spend time doing too, for both fun and to reduce stress!

Scribble drawing is something I’ve been doing for a number of years now after connecting with an Irish artist called Amanda Grace, who introduced me to scribbling in an art journal. At the time I was feeling rather stressed due to difficulties at home. Scribble drawing in an art journal gave me the freedom to release the tension and heaviness I felt at that time in a safe manner.

I was also guided by spirit to do this after I found a note left on a gate I passed through, whilst walking one particular day that said; “Surprise Scribbles”. This was around the same time I started working with this artist, so I knew this was confirmation to use scribbling as a way to change the way I was feeling.

How To Reduce Stress Creating Scribble Drawings 3

Why Scribble Drawing?

How To Reduce Stress Creating Scribble Drawings 4

Scribble drawing is easy to do so it does not require any artistic ability or talent to try.

The advantage to scribble drawing is, you are not really producing anything particular. Therefore, it takes the pressure away to be creating some sort of masterpiece or the need to do it well. Preventing or reducing any perfectionist tendencies to creep in, as there can be no judgement made of how good or bad it is.

It allows you to just let go and have fun, be spontaneous and care not for the end result. This allows you to relax, whilst at the same time brings you into the present moment. Taking you out of your head and into the body, as you hold a drawing implement moving your arm and hand to make marks.

The Benefits of Scribble Drawing

If you have a tendency to control and manage life, this can have a contributing factor to feeling stressed. Therefore, scribble drawing can help you to let go of this habit, because scribble is wild, chaotic and haphazard in its approach.

If you are suffering with pent up emotions, scribble drawing gives you an outlet of expressing them safely, reducing the intensity that may cause you to speak out of term, or act in a way that may upset other people. Whilst helping you to release these emotions that could also have a detrimental effect upon your health and well-being over time.

Scribble drawing gives you the opportunity to re-connect with your inner child aspects that may have been neglected due to many duties and responsibilities, or the need to please. This can be another contributing factor to high stress levels. The child inside does not care for outcomes or results but more to express and experience in fun, creative playful ways, so scribble drawing does exactly this!

If feeling stuck or stagnated, which can bring on stress – spending time scribbling can help you open up and get back into a sense of flow. With no outcome or expectation in mind when it comes to scribbling, it enables you to relax. Resulting in opening up the mind to receive inspiration, new ideas, insights you were unable to access before doing this activity.

Scribble drawing can help you to express your vulnerability which in truth is one of your super powers. It enables you to be yourself, no longer hiding or pretending or playing small. Stress in most cases cannot thrive when expressing the fullness of who you are!

Scribble drawing is a great ice-breaker or starting point for creative expression, giving you the confidence, if so desired, to further exploration of mark making and creating art. This can help you feel more expansive freeing you of limiting ways of being, acting and thinking that can often be the cause of stress.

You can have so much fun scribble drawing and fun is a major contribution to healing and reducing stress.


Scribble Drawing To Serenity

Here is how you can get started with scribble drawing.

You do not need any special drawing tools or materials, you could just start with a biro, pencil whatever writing or drawing tool you’ve got to hand.

Use a sheet/s from a notebook or writing pad. Perhaps make the paper size small 8cm x 10.5cm so as not to over-face yourself. You could even re-cycle an envelope you’ve received from the post.

Find a quiet space preferably where you will not be disturbed. Get comfortable either at a desk or on a chair making sure you have something to support the paper you are drawing on.

Then just start scribbling to your hearts content.

To make it more fun use your non-dominant hand.

Really focus on what you are doing, do not pay attention to any thought that may arise especially if your inner critic starts to say something like; “why are you doing this, this is a load of rubbish! “Can you not do something better with your time?” Just ignore and keep on scribbling.

After doing this perhaps fill the gaps in the spaces of the scribble with pattern or colours if you have some coloured pens or crayons to hand.

This activity need only take about 10 minutes of your time.

How To Reduce Stress Creating Scribble Drawings 5

Using Scribble Drawing As Part Of A Self-Love & Honouring Ritual

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Scribbling in this way has become part of my self-love and honouring morning ritual. Where I connect with my inner child to ask what it wants. I scribble an image and often receive a short message of guidance for the day.

If you find you enjoy scribble drawing and most importantly reduces your stress levels, then make it part of your daily routine. Doing it on a regular basis, especially when triggered, will help you to return to a more peaceful and serene state in a short space of time.

Taking It Further

If you wish to take it further here are some other ideas you can try still using the scribble technique with other art mediums or childlike techniques. If you are truly inspired then come up with your own ideas. The possibilities are endless!

How To Reduce Stress Creating Scribble Drawings 7


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