Signs That Spirit Is Trying To Communicate With You 1

Signs That Spirit Is Trying To Communicate With You

Over the years I’ve experienced many encounters where spirit has communicated to me. Some of which were really interesting and unexpected.

I wish to share with you here some the of ways in which spirit may bring through messages and communicate to you. This list is not exhaustive and how they try to communicate can be very unique and individual to you.

Seeing White Feathers

One of the main ways to receive guidance or messages is through going into the silence (meditation). However, spirit is constantly giving you messages, signs and guidance as you go about your day.

One of the most popular signs is to see white feathers on the ground. I remember when I first moved back to my parent’s house and wondered if I’d made the right choice in doing so, the following day I noticed a white feather on the front garden, to reassure me I’d made the right decision.

Communicating Through The Animal & Insect Kingdom

Signs That Spirit Is Trying To Communicate With You 2

Spirit often communicates to us through the animal kingdom. I’ve had many encounters with birds in particular. One time I was getting pretty upset after making some major changes in my life and to my surprise this Blue Tit started tapping on the window of the kitchen door outside. This occurred over two days. Due to it being a very unusual experience, I knew this was message from spirit conveying all will be well.

They also use insects too. I was contemplating joining a sisterhood at one time and a wasp flew through my bedroom window during a number of consecutive days. The wasp represents being part of a community and participating in a group setting. So again, with it being more than just one encounter, I was aware it was spirit communicating to go ahead.

Whilst sitting at the computer during the winter months a Ladybird crawled along the edge of the desk, I attempted to take it outside, but found it back in the office again. These creatures are normally found in the warmer seasons so it was unusual for it to be active at that time. The ladybird represents good luck, and abundance, to focus on what you want, which was very apt as this was something I was focusing on.

Other Signs To Be Aware Of

Another sign spirit is communicating is noticing signs or mottos, these could be on billboards, vehicles passing, clothing brands, bags or shoes people are wearing or using that you see. For example, the Nike motto “Just Do It” is a message I’ve often received from my guides because I’ve tended to overthink and procrastinate.

Conversations you overhear, songs or discussions on the radio that you feel you resonate with, are also indications spirit is trying to get through to you.

If you find a book suddenly fall from a shelf in a bookstore or library that feels relevant, can also be a sign spirit is guiding you.

Signs That Spirit Is Trying To Communicate With You 3

Noticing The Same Number Sequences Frequently

Signs That Spirit Is Trying To Communicate With You 4

Noticing the same sequences of numbers frequently is an indication you are receiving guidance or signalling you are on the right track. These are termed as angel numbers such as 1111, 222. I often see 1717, 1111, 222 displayed on the clocks around the house, but you can also notice them whilst out too. To understand the meanings of the angel numbers, go online there are many sites that talk about this in more detail.

Signs & Synchronicities

There is such synchronicity involved when these signs from spirit appear. For example, I remember a few years back the rose had a great significance to me. I live in the red rose county of Lancashire England UK. I have a rose tattoo on my left upper arm that I’d had done many years prior to discovering I had been a rose priestess during the Egyptian times. This discovery came after channelling a portrait of Mary Magdelene through for a customer. The rose kept popping up in a manner ways, such as seeing them on tv, people wearing rose patterned garments, hearing about a rose being named after a girl who had died in the Manchester bombing.

Also, during a walk one day I paused for a moment and noticed this yellow plastic star at my feet. This was my guide Star showing he was with me.

How Best To Be Aware Of These Signs

What I’ve shared with you here are just a few of the ways spirit can show they are around supporting you and communicating messages.  You are never alone!

Spirit can also use your intuition through gut feelings, body sensations and other senses. The more you pay attention to these the stronger they will be for you. If you feel energised and joyful this indicates you are supported, if you feel contracted or drained this can signify what you are doing will not be of benefit to you.

In order to really notice these signs, it is important to pay attention to what is arising in your present experience, be open minded, very observant, present and focused, as these signs can easily be missed. If you are stuck in the head too much these signs may pass you by.

It takes practise like anything but the more you set the intention to notice these signs, the more of them you will experience.


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    Eileen Burns

    Great Blog Janine, some lovely reminders though. I never really thought about signs from the insect kingdom that will watch out more closely. Hmm I have had a lot of bumble bees in my garden last few days

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      Janine Keall

      Thanks Eileen! Seeing lots of bumble bees can represent fertility and the honey of life. Its a reminder to extract the honey of life and make life fertile while the sun shines. Bee symbolises the promise that the opportunity to drink the elixir of life if you pursue your dreams.

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