The Benefits of Having a Spirit Portrait & Guidance from Spirit 1

The Benefits of Having a Spirit Portrait & Guidance from Spirit

You may think to yourself why is it beneficial for me to have a portrait drawn of my Spirit Guide or another being from spirit who is helping me?

Yes, you can receive guidance from a reader or psychic medium from spirit through tarot or oracle readings and this is wonderful in itself.

However, to receive a portrait of a specific being of consciousness particularly your spirit guide for example, can be of greater benefit for the following reasons:

The Benefits Of Receiving A Spirit Portrait

  • The image of the spirit being holds the energy of this being, so when you gaze at the image you immediately connect with their energy, particularly when looking through their eyes that are the windows to the soul.
  • It makes it real and easier for you to talk to them because you have a focus.
  • The portrait often holds a lot of information in itself such as the type of clothing worn, the colours of their appearance, colour of the clothing. These are significant in that it can explain their strengths, abilities, qualities. The colours around the being are significant to you in that they bring not only healing but wisdom to help you in your life. The position of their body/ face can also bring guidance too!
  • It can bring a sense comfort knowing you are always supported, loved and cared for by just looking at the portrait whenever you choose.
  • You can use the portrait as a point of focus before going into meditation to connect more deeply with this spirit being.
  • A spirit portrait demonstrates there is life after death, and once you pass over you will continue on.
The Benefits of Having a Spirit Portrait & Guidance from Spirit 2

The Benefits Of The Guidance From The Spirit Being

So, as well as receiving a portrait there will be a reading to accompany it too! This reading gives more insight into the past life incarnation of the spirit being that has come through for you. They will also share insights and guidance that can help you with the following:

  • Understand why you are here and what you are learning in your present incarnation
  • Receive support and guidance to help you navigate your life more easily or positively
  • Learn to listen and trust your intuition in order to improve your connection to your soul or spirit to receive more guidance by yourself
  • Receive healing and inspiration
  • Feel comforted and protected
  • Feel more confident in making decisions and choices that will bring fulfilment and positive experiences
  • Help you become aware of dormant abilities and how you can start to utilise them in your life
  • Assist you to accept and embrace who you are
  • Gain clarity on directions to take or any challenges or problems you are facing

Recipients who’ve received spirit portraits have reported not long afterwards it had enhanced their ability to receive guidance, or they experienced a presence or a knowing they are being guided.

So, I hope this has given you some clarity on how you can benefit from having both a portrait and reading. Not only this, each portrait is very unique and personal to each recipient, no two are the same. It is a very special experience to possess a portrait of a guide from spirit, because it can truly create a strong link between the physical and spirit realms of existence. It proves you are never alone even if you are in the physical and all you need do is look upon the portrait to ask for assistance at any time.

If you have any questions and wish to learn more please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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