Self-Love and the Rose 1

Self-Love and the Rose

Abandoning myself to see to the needs of others has been a long running affair until last year that is. Last July there was a sequence of events that led up to me realising the importance of self-love. This  all started with roses.  I’ve always had a love for roses. There is a rose my mother has growing in her garden, it has the most subtle yet beautiful scent to it. I find myself feeling joy each time I sniff it’s fragrance.

One evening I listened to a news story on TV. It focused on a couple who had lost their daughter in the Manchester bombing and decided to name a rose after her. The following day I went to purchase some art supplies in readiness for an art workshop I was due to hold.  I found myself looking at this patterned paper book filled with numerous rose designs upon it. I was very tempted to buy it but didn’t in the end.

Mary Magdalene and The Sisterhood of the Rose

That afternoon I settled myself down to channel a guide portrait for a lady who had done Shakti training. Gazing upon her photo she was sitting in a lotus position holding a red rose in her hands. As soon as I touched the pastel pencil to the paper, I felt this rush of energy pulsate through me. This was something I’d never experienced before. The guide I drew for this lady was none other than the goddess Mary Magdalene.

I felt the urge to do some research online about her and found myself guided to the Sisterhood of the Rose. This sisterhood was formed in Atlantis and during Egyptian times. There were twelve groups of twelve sisters who would anchor in Divine Feminine energies into the Earth in the four directions. I knew immediately I’d been part of this in a previous life. I set about learning more on Mary Magdalene and the Rose sisters, discovering the path of the rose is that of Self Love.

It was like a jigsaw puzzle was being put together as I have a rose tattoo on my left arm and I live in the red rose county of Lancashire UK. It all just seemed to come together at once. Since this time, I’ve made a concerted effort to spend quality time nurturing myself.  Committing to fulfilling my own needs first before doing for others. The Goddesses of the rose are my companions as I focus on unburdening myself of the neglect from many lifetimes.

Exploration through art

Self-Love and the Rose 2

As the rose petals of my heart unfold, all that arises from within me now is an opportunity to transform the untruths. The experiences that led me to believe I was unworthy and not enough.  I’m currently exploring what I resist in my life as a way of remaining in the flow and to experience inner peace.

I thought why not explore this through art. I was inspired to use a variety of resist methods to create spontaneous images. These would act as metaphors for inquiry into my resistances in life.  I’ve discovered when doing art in a loose and playful manner, figures and faces appear within them.

There was no exception here, as you can see there are a few faces in this image. They appeared after using cling film (plastic wrap) as my method of resisting the paint. On gazing at the completed image, I received the message: “Do not cling to that which does not serve you, face it and let it go!” I’m finding this exploration through art fun and very cathartic. 

Having no pre-conceived idea in my mind of how I wanted the image to turn out, the art served as a guide. It demonstrates by letting go of trying to control or manage what I’m doing,  unexpected and new experience  occur. This wisdom I can begin to apply to the areas of my life where I resist and try to control out of fear.

So what is Self love?

It must be said, self-love is not just about pampering oneself with buying nice clothes or looking in the mirror in admiration. Though these can be part of our nurturing regime.

I would say self-love is more about having the courage to be totally honest with ourselves. No longer putting our head into the sand in regards to the emotional mental wounds that reside within.  Being willing to face them, transforming through deep compassion and love.  When we are triggered by a person or situation this indicates the need to go within and face the wounds.

It can be a challenge in itself to do this as more often than not resistance flares up. We can feel guilty that we should be doing something more worthwhile instead. Hence why I chose to explore what I resist and more often than not guilt resides within this resistance.

Self-love is also about discovering and actively doing what makes our hearts sing. Art is what makes my heart sing and that’s why I chose this outlet to assist me in loving myself.  So, what lights you up? What are you passionate about doing? Are you actively engaged in it, or even aware of what it is? In what way are you abandoning yourself? How can you bring more self-love into your life? As Mary Magdalene says; “It is through self-love we will change the world”.

So dear readers if nothing else let my story be a reminder to you of the importance of loving yourself, without feeling selfish or guilty for doing so. Give yourself quality time to explore what prevents you from truly and deeply loving YOU!

Self -Love Stones

It is through engaging in my own self love work I was inspired to create Self-Love stones ranging from; general self-love stones, inner child stones to Goddess stones. They each hold the Divine Feminine ray energies to assist those who purchase them with their own healing endeavours in regards to self-love. I channel energies that are personal and unique for each individual they are intended for.  If you are interested in purchasing one for yourself or for a gift for someone this Christmas, please visit my Etsy shop that you can access here on my website to browse the range.

I’ve just created two new Self-love stones Mother Mary – Mothering Stone and Dolphin/Aqua Ray Stone which I’ve added to my listings in Etsy.

The Mother Mary stone is intended for those who need to feel supported and embraced like a mother would do. Mother Mary is all about mothering and being a supportive companion. Her energies help you be compassionate and loving towards yourself. The energy of Mother Mary will help to remind you of your goodness and will assist in taking away any fears you may be experiencing. Her energies will help you to realise you do not need to carry your burdens all on your own and she will lift off the weight of the world from your shoulders. 

Self-Love and the Rose 3

The Dolphin/Aqua Ray stone is for those who are needing emotional healing, who may be struggling with strong emotions that can be overwhelming. The energy of the Dolphin/Aqua ray connects you to the peaceful compassionate energy of the Dolphins. It restores balance and harmony very quickly. The energy of the Aquamarine works with past, present and future emotional issues. The image on the stone is a mermaid called Naia who I channelled from an Aquamarine crystal, so her energies will be part of this stone too.

Self-Love and the Rose 4

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