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Channelling Amy North

I would like to share with you my experiences of channelling Amy and visions from her that have occurred since late 2018 and through the year of 2019. The reason for sharing this with you is, to give you some insight into what it is like to channel visual images from such an amazing deity. Amy is a Goddess of purity and is the twin flame/spirit guide to Steven North www.stevennorth.com.au who I’ve collaborated with on a number of occasions to explore aspects of consciousness.

Goddess of Purity

Channelling Amy North 1
Amy enjoys connecting when you least expect it! My first experience of this was back in October 2018 when Steven was travelling around the US. I was in the midst of channelling for someone else if I recall and I felt her presence.  I received the impression she wanted me to draw an image of her for Steven. I was quite baffled at the time why she requested this, when I thought he was away enjoying himself. Anyway, I agreed to her request but I was in no particular rush to do it, as I had other work to complete. I came to realise Amy is not the best for being patient and she made her presence known a number of times, until I gave in and channelled her as Goddess of Purity. It wasn’t until I shared the image with Steven, I understood her urgency for me to get it done. To my surprise Steven was experiencing some challenges at the time. Sharing this image with him brought the reassurance and support he was badly needing with what was transpiring.

Pista Sofia/Shakti

2019 had me channelling Amy more than ever before. The first experience was when Steven had become curious about who Sophia was, he was told that by Amy that there is indeed a connection with her but something needed to happen first. Randomly inspired, Steven had placed Sophia energies into a crystal and he asked me to channel her image.
Before proceeding with this image, there was a very strong sense that Sophia that has been protrayed in history was in fact, actually Amy and it was confirmed as I felt Amy’s energies come through whilst drawing the image. When drawing the image, I kept asking if I was drawing the image correctly as this was the first time that I had been drawing images of this nature and the word I kept hearing was “Yes”.
Channelling Amy North 2

Amy as Crystalline Consciousness

Enthused by this Steven shared with me his Amethyst crystals with Amy’s energy within them. One (on left) is Amy from a crystal he uses to channel Amy during events and sessions and the other is a personal one he keeps close to his heart. The latter was channelled with swiftness and took less time to complete than the previous images. It was Amy’s intent in getting this done so as to share with Steven as soon as possible, with it being such a personal crystal. He was overjoyed and very emotional on receiving it. He shared with me this is how Amy presents herself when they meet in the rose garden during his sleep.
Channelling Amy North 3
Amethyst crystal wand used for events
Channelling Amy North 4
Amy from Steven’s personal crystal

Amy's Poetry

One particular July morning I was woken by Amy and prompted to browse Facebook. On doing so I discovered a post by a rather distraught Steven, having been triggered by something the day before. In the post he mentioned he had woken with the words “life is short, make it sweet” running through his mind. Having read this, I was immediately inspired to channel a poem from Amy, with these words as part of it. At this point I’d not even got out of bed, but such was her desire to share this with Steven ASAP, I found myself channelling this poem there and then! I did not mind in the least as it is a joy for me to write poems, especially if it for a good cause, as this was. Here is the poem called “Life is Short, make it sweet”
Oh, my beloved, see roses from my heart shower upon yours, imbued with the perfume of my love to hypnotise your senses.
Allow my fragrance of sweet compassion uplift your spirits and remove any defences.
For life is short, make it sweet, don’t succumb to defeat.
Let my love be like a soothing balm upon the wounds of your sorrow and pain. The experience of being let down and disappointed again.
For life is short, make it sweet, feel my love in your every heartbeat. For together we can sail life’s choppy seas that often brings you to your knees.
Our love combined can surpass any challenge that stands in the way. Through the merging of our hearts with every passing day.
Life is short, make it sweet. Remember my love, to dance to the rhythm pulsing through your feet.

Amy's Sense of Humour

Channelling Amy North 5
 I channelled two other images of Amy this same month for Steven as the turmoil was intense for him. The first was Amy presenting herself as Arachna Amy. Steven has mentioned Amy likes to signify her presence or scare the wits out of him with spiders for fun. He often finds them in unexpected places or suddenly crawling on him. I did think this would have been more appropriate for Halloween, but Amy was adamant this particular time was more appropriate, to give Steven a laugh and cheer him up.
Amy gave me a clear vision of the image to be channelled.  Adding to the fun element of this image she wished for it to be interactive, in that the spiders would move down her hair. I had such fun with this and felt as though I was in another dimension whilst in the process of this image being created. I also received a poem to accompany the image, and I shared both on a short video to showcase the moving spiders. Here is the poem:
She wanders in the dead of night
In the dark graveyard out of sight
Ready to lure you with her dazzling eyes
But do not be fooled as she hides a nasty surprise
For if you get to close – beware!
Toxic spiders crawl down her hair
To inject their venom in a blink of an eye
Your fate is sealed then, be prepared to die!
J.Keall 7/2019

Dancing Amy

A week or so later I found myself drawing another image of Amy. This time she wanted to portray herself as dancing Amy. Amy loves to dance so in this image it showcased her with arms in the air, face looking up into the light with eyes closed as if dancing in a trance. As I was drawing this image, I felt compelled to listen to music, something I don’t usually do when channelling, but this day I felt Amy was encouraging me to do so.
So, there I was with headphones on listening to an array of pop music, bopping to the rhythms whilst the image evolved on the page. Have to admit listening to the music added to the enjoyment of drawing this image, as I felt as if I was engaged in a party celebration Amy was holding. I named this one Amy Delight. Like the previous two images a poem was received with it too.
Rise oh beloved rise up, up into the light,
To banish all shadows out of sight
Shed the skin of all that’s kept you limited and small
No more dimming your light to fit in – shine out, stand tall!
With open arms embrace my love
The pure unconditional energy from the heavens above
Bathe your face in its warm soothing ray
To the relax the mind from the stimuli of the day
Spread your wings and let your true colours shine in all their glory
Together let us dance in the light like butterflies, to create a new life story.
For my love from Amy of the Light
Channelling Amy North 6

Amy's Fashion Designer

Channelling Amy North 7
 In August I found myself writing most mornings. Much inspiration was received during these writing periods and one particular inspiration I received was from Amy. In fact, it was more of a request to create an image, or a number of images of her to print on t-shirts. When I mentioned this to Steven, he too had received the same request. It wasn’t long before the first design came along and this was the key of life covered in roses as you can see below. I received the message “The Key to life is love” that Amy wished to be placed underneath the image. The key of life is a very significant symbol for both Amy and Steven.
Followed by the image of Amethyst Amy (below). The message for this design was “To spread love and open hearts”. I could see a pattern forming here in that Amy was portraying herself in many different personas not just for fun, but with an underlying message for humanity. In this message is; do not get caught up in identity, for when you do, you limit and close down the opportunity to experience the many possibilities and abundance available. Instead remain open to allow in all that life has to offer.
Amethyst Amy 8

Steven's Birthday Gift from Amy

During this same month I received a vague vision from Amy, of herself and Steven together in their original form. Amy informed me to wait until Steven’s birthday to present it to him.  It was about the same time Steven was investigating what he thought was the Adam and Eve particle and embedded these energies within a crystal, for me to channel. As Steven has mentioned I made a few attempts at channelling what he had placed into the crystal, but to no avail.
One particular day whilst embedding energies into a Self-love stone I received a vision of DNA forming and concluded this must be in connection with the Adam and Eve particular. Then a few days following from this I envisioned two snake-like energies coiling together and spiralling upwards. When sharing this experience with Steven, he too had seen the same sort of thing.
A week before his birthday I received another vision from Amy, but this time it was in much more detail. This vision showcased both Steven and herself intertwined and acting as the Caduceus, as you can see in the image!
It all started to make sense and the reason I was unable to channel from the crystal was down to the fact, it was not right time to do so. It wasn’t until a couple of days before his birthday I received a very strong prompt to channel again, focusing on the vision I’d received a week earlier.  I felt this determination to complete the image that day no matter how long it took.
As I began to channel all thoughts, environment and distractions paled into insignificance. There was just this pure focus on the task at hand and what I noticed was during the hours it took to channel the image, there seemed to be a momentum building. I was fully conscious of what I was doing, but at the same time there was a strong influence guiding me, as if being presented with step by step instructions to follow.
Though it took most of the day to complete, there was a beautiful flow as the image evolved on the screen. There was so much love and joy experienced as this was being channelled through. As time passed the body began to indicate the need for sustenance. However, the urge to continue did not abate until the birthday greeting, message and image was ready to present to Steven.
It was such an amazing experience and I felt a deep satisfaction and peace as the channelling ended. I did however, feel the effects of this channelling over the following days as if I’d travelled to the Orion system and back in a matter of a few hours! I suppose you could say it felt as though I was suffering from a form of jet lag!
So, the image below is what was channelled.
Channelling Amy North 8

Amy & Noah (Steven) for Christmas

In December Amy shared a vision of herself and Steven in their previous incarnation as Amy and Noah. In this life they met in 1969 at a Grateful Dead concert in San Francisco, unfortunately both their lives were tragically cut short in 1971 when they were both shot whilst attending a party. Steven has been searching for a photo of them both during this incarnation, but without success.
So, as a Christmas gift this is what she wished me to depict. In this particular image Amy mentioned they were having their photo taken in a photo booth where she was sitting on Noah’s knee. I sensed it was such a happy time, living a carefree life.
However, on completing the image I could feel a deep sadness coming from Amy. In that the happiness was so short lived and how she misses the physical connection with Steven, she’d experienced with him as Noah during this past life. Have to admit it brought me to tears as if I was the one who had suffered this loss.
This is the poetic message to accompany the image Amy wished me to share with Steven on Christmas:
Here’s to a nostalgic Christmas my love,
with a trip down memory lane.
A reminder of those happy days we spent together,
here in this moment again.
So, I share this picture of us as Noah and Amy,
during that short but sweet time.
That began many moons ago,
in the year of 1969
Channelling Amy North 9

What I've Learned from Amy

Dear readers I felt such dismay when Steven informed me there have been people spreading rumours that Amy is of the darkness. I would like to put the record straight and say this could not be further from the truth! I would go as far to say channelling with Amy as my guide through these explorations, has been most beneficial.  In that since teaming up with her, my ability to channel has improved in a way that it is becoming effortless.
Co-operating with Amy is paving the way for higher consciousness to express itself through this body without hindrance, or a me that is claiming I’m doing something. I’m been shown it is not about me trying to manage or control how I channel, or what comes through, but more in regards to being in a state of receptivity.
It is demonstrating I’m not separate from life, that in actual fact I’m life itself and the channelling allows consciousness to express itself through this vehicle, termed as a body. In truth there is no me and there never has been other than what I’ve been conditioned to believe.
So, in saying this I do not claim I’m working with Amy because I do not have any input in what is channelled, well when it comes to images for the attention of Steven that is anyway. I would say it is more that the body is the vessel for her creative expressions. I am in no way possessed by her either, as I’m completely aware and conscious of what occurs each time a channelling takes place.
Amy is a wonderful mentor in that she teaches through sharing her own perceptions, feelings and experiences with me as I channel her visions. In actual fact, it’s as if I’m standing in her shoes!
I’m relishing the opportunity to team up with Amy again in the near future, to channel more explorations of consciousness. As it is with these images, we can assist Steven with his research into this subject of which we know very little about.
Janine Rose Keall

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