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Intuitive Art

Intuitive Art

Recently I have had the urge to create more intuitive art. Intuitive art is more about focusing on the process of creating rather than the final result of the creation. It is letting go of the need to direct and control what is being expressed and instead follow the inner urges of the intuition to apply text, imagery, colours, patterns and shapes onto the paper. At the end of the day I would say that there is little difference between intuitive art and spirit art apart from the fact spirit art is more directive. The reason I say this is they are both tapping into the one consciousness. This consciousness is multi-dimensional so when we engage in intuitive art we are actually exploring our multi-dimensional reality that can connect us to many of our aspects from inner child, Higher Self, aspects from different timelines as well as connecting to spirit too! Intuitive art gives me an outlet to express and acknowledge what is going on internally and those aspects that perhaps I have neglected or abandoned over the years that are now coming up to the surface for healing and release through all that I apply in each art piece. Whilst at the same time bringing guidance to how I might make more positive and empowering choices to raise my consciousness and align with the new Earth.

I’m finding this creative process is opening me up and allowing the changes to take place with more ease and grace, whilst being playful and having fun at the same time. As you can see in the featured image I created these small pieces of art. They were created from re-cycled collage and scraps of paper I used as a paint pallet where I noticed faces appearing in the patches of paint so elaborated on them and then included them into the art. On observing these images, I received positive wording to apply to them to give me the guidance I needed.

Intuitive art is for anyone and can be done in an art journal or as separate pieces of art. You do not need any artistic talent as you are focusing on the very act of showing up to the paper and just allowing yourself to express in whatever way you see fit with the art supplies and resources you have available to you. It does not matter whether you scribble or apply collage as this art is for your eyes only. All you need concern yourself with is listening to the intuition and following it’s urges to apply the art media as well as showing up on a regular basis to allow for your authentic voice to be expressed, aspects to be acknowledged and guidance to spring forth from the depths of your interior world. It is also a wonderful process to help reduce stress and anxiety too!  I know I have mentioned something similar in my video blog I posted earlier this year but I felt it was worth writing similar post as this process has had such a positive and profound effect upon me. I felt it was worth sharing in the hope you may feel inspired to try this creative outlet for yourself to help with the transitioning from 3d to 5d consciousness whilst having some fun.

For those of you who are local to me I am holding a one day Intuitive Art Journaling workshop for beginners on 25th July 2018 at The Harmony Hub, Queen’s Road, Chorley, PR7 1JU Lancashire, England UK. 10.30am – 4.30pm. Cost is £30.00, £10.00 deposit to secure your place and you can pay the remainder of the balance on day of workshop. You can pay your deposit via my Etsy shop or pay at The Harmony Hub. Places are limited so please book now to avoid disappointment.


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