Rest, Reflect, Relinquish, Receive 1

Rest, Reflect, Relinquish, Receive

The Need To Slow Down

The last few weeks I’ve felt the need to slow down and spend more time relaxing rather than working. There was still a part of me wanting to continue with the normal routine but I could feel the enthusiasm drop as I tried to do so.

Day by day the urge to spend more time meditating, being out in nature, focusing on the stillness and peace of my true nature has superseded the restlessness of the mind.

In fact, what has taken precedence now is observing the minds play but not engaging with it. I felt enough is enough after a number of disappointments.

It truly dawned on me nothing of the worldly experiences the mind makes out to be so special, has any interest for me as it is all temporary and more often than not fizzles to nothing anyway.

The Confirmation To Rest From My Spirit Guide

A reading from my Spirit Guide Star confirmed the need to rest as I was to focus on Self-love and particularly clearing old baggage that I’ve carried for others for many lives.

In numerology terms I’m on a 9 Life path which is all about completion and ending contracts during this incarnation.

Doing this now is very apt indeed, to clear the way for new inspiration and experiences to start manifesting.

Nothing can truly change until this is done, so this is priority whilst the pause in the external world continues.

Just slowing down and observing alone has allowed me to truly reflect on the habits and behaviours I’ve played out, and how this had led to people pleasing and seeking externally.

It has been quite an eye-opening experience as I did think I was over doing that, but no it is not the case, as Star pointed out to me.

Since he mentioned this, I’ve received insights bringing the clarity I need to make better choices for myself.

Rest, Reflect, Relinquish, Receive 2

A Simple Practise To Clear Old Contracts & Agreements

Star gave me a simple practise to do daily to help clear contracts, agreements, karmic patterns and ties that I wish to share with you. So, if you are in a similar position you can do this for yourself.

It only takes a couple of minutes if that, so it is worth doing even if you are short on time.

Sit and make sure your spine is straight, take some deep breaths and relax. Visualise a light just above your crown chakra. See it as a bright white light and bring this down through all your chakras and out through your feet.

Do two to three passes of this and set the intention to clear any or all baggage, old agreements, karmic ties/patterns that you carry for others or something along those lines anyway.

It is a powerful practise but it must be done daily to be effective until you start to feel a shift occur where you no longer succumb to old habits and behaviours. Be patient with yourself do not expect it to change overnight, but trust that it will if done regularly.

It really is paying dividends for me so just have a go. Please note you may experience some emotions arising but this is just an indication the practise is working, so keep on with it.

Activation Practise

Rest, Reflect, Relinquish, Receive 3

Besides this practise I’m using this activation card titled “Unbound” I chose from Rebecca Campbell’s Work Your Light oracle deck that is also indicating the need for releasing and clearing as you can see here. As it states – Releasing soul patterns, contracts and past lives.

The reading says: It is time to release old soul stories that have been playing out in your life. They are coming up to be healed. There has never been a safer time to clear these patterns than right now.

Take a look at patterns in your life that you are ready to release. Ancient vows and contracts that your soul made that have an expiry date. It could be a vow of silence or chastity or poverty. It is time to unwind from them. This is the life in which you free yourself from trauma of lives past.

What old ways of being have an expiry date? When you name them, you claim them and they stop holding power over you. When acknowledging these old  patterns, it is also important to acknowledge how they served you up until now.

For example, a soul pattern of playing small caused by a soul fear of being seen or sharing your voice would have served you by keeping you safe. In order to grow, you now need to soften by receiving and calling in support.

It is time to unbind from the old ways of being that are no longer sustainable.


‘I release all old soul stories, vows, contracts, and patterns that are no longer aligned with who I came here to be in the present time. I carry the lessons, growth, and gifts, but I no longer choose to live the same story. May I be unbound, unbound, forever unbound.’

The Benefit of Resting & These Practises

One of the benefits of this practises coupled with resting is receiving creative inspiration. Up until starting these practises I felt stuck in regards to feeling inspired but now the ideas are beginning to flow in again.

It just goes to show how important nurturing ourselves is and as I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts it is not selfish or shameful to do so, it is in truth vital!

If you are feeling stuck, uninspired or overwhelmed by life this is a clear indication rest is needed to take stock and make changes. You are in fact honouring and valuing yourself when you do.

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