Wisdom From Beyond The Veil ~ Guidance from the Seahorse 1

Wisdom From Beyond The Veil ~ Guidance from the Seahorse

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Making It's Presence Known To Me

Wisdom From Beyond The Veil ~ Guidance from the Seahorse 2

The dainty little seahorse made its presence known to me recently. It is as a keen reminder of the importance of being a parent to myself as these creatures are great parents to their young.

The seahorse is asking me to take responsibility for my life by diving into the emotional waters within. To gain a clear perspective on what is working and what is not and make the necessary changes from this investigation.  It is a reminder to see to my own needs first so as to have the energy to help others.

I felt it was fitting to share its message for this months, “Wisdom From Beyond The Veil” in the hope it may resonate and be of assistance to you at this time.

The Importance Of Going At Our Own Pace

This beautiful creature brings the qualities of peace, calmness and patience which is very apt for this time as we experience this period of isolation. Its movements are slow, moving along with the currents gently without fighting or trying to force itself to go any faster than necessary.

This signifies it is important for us to go at our own pace, to avoid succumbing to any pressure from external source to go any faster or for us to be anything other than who we are. Letting go of needing to please and instead act in a way that is comfortable for us.

Being Observant And Seeing Different From Perspectives

It also asks of us to be flexible, letting go of fixed ideas or ways of doing things and instead be open to new ways of being and seeing. With its eyes being able to see from different angles independently this enables it to see things from different perspectives. Resulting in finding solutions to what may have seemed a problem and encourages us to do the same.

It also asks of us to be observant and aware of our surroundings so we can see new opportunities or experiences arising and grab at the most opportune moment.

The Need To Ground Ourselves

The seahorse resides in peace despite the chaos that maybe occurring around it. It can also anchor itself by curling its tail around petruding rocks or grasses when storms arise. Symbolising the need to ground ourselves so we do not get swept up in the fear or chaos.

Uniqueness & Quirkiness

The seahorse is not afraid to share its uniqueness and quirkiness, it asks of us to do the same “be happy and content with who you are it says”.

Call upon this power animal when you are in need of support during troubled times and you are navigating through emotional waters.



The Significance Of The Colours

In this portrait it portrays the blues and turquoise colours upon itself and throughout the image. As these colours bring a sense of calmness, tranquillity, peace and serenity so breathe these colours in if you feel stressed or anxiety. If you have clothing in these colours then wear them.

The blues are for creative expression and speaking one’s truth. So, if there comes a time when you need to speak up, to say something that may not please others, then use this colour to give you the support to do so.