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The Importance of Rest, A Channelled Message From My Spirit Guide ~ Star

My Spirit Guide Star prompted me to channel as message from him on the topic of rest. It is what he has encouraged me to do for the time being whilst in this period of adjustment and reset stemmed from the recent events.

He wishes to share his wisdom on how resting is a necessary and invaluable aspect of self-love.

Star's Message

Wisdom From Beyond The Veil 2

Greetings! I wish to speak with you today on the topic of rest.

Nothing that occurs in your physicality happens by chance even if it seems accidental or unplanned.

There has been so much emphasis on keeping busy, achieving, striving, seeking, entertainment, purchasing goods to satisfy the ever-restless unsatisfied mind. To be seen as being in control and successful.

However, these recent events have proved there is a greater power working behind the scenes. It demonstrates man has very little control of his life other than over his thoughts and actions.

All that you are experiencing now, in regards to the pandemic and lockdown is an opportunity to pull back, rest and take stock of your life. Yes, the lockdown is slowly been relaxed. However, you still have the opportunity to make the most of this time.

“Nothing that occurs in your physicality happens by chance, even if it seems accidental or unplanned.”

Rest Is A Vital Ingredient

When I talk about rest, though sleep is part of this, I’m also referring to spending time out in nature, meditating, deep breathing, activities that bring joy and laughter.

When you are constantly in active mode you are unable to connect with the very source from whence you came, resulting in insecurity, anxiety, overwhelm, confusion and fear.

You may wonder why you feel irritable or resentful, these are sure signs of neglecting periods of rest.

You may feel this is admirable to do this, but in truth this is not so.

In making time for rest, you will experience a noticeable change in the way you feel, your perspective and how you respond to what you experience.

Rest is a vital ingredient not just for re-energising the body but to bring peace of mind, to ground you into the here and now, to see things more objectively and as they truly are.

It gives you the space in which to see the bigger picture and review your life. To reflect on what is working and what is not and make the necessary changes that will be more beneficial and fulfilling for you day by day.

“In making time for rest, you will experience a noticable change in the way you feel, your perspective and how you respond to what you experience.”

Seeing The Blessings In Your Life

During periods of rest you are able to appreciate all that you have in your life and become grateful for it. It enables you to enjoy the fruits of your labours and see the blessings.

Appreciation and gratefulness are the key components in which to attract more abundance in your life too. Though often there is a sense of lack that is experienced and this is partly to the fact there has been little priority given to resting.

A Time Of Reset

This is a time of reset, where what once worked and was sustainable for you is no-longer baring fruit. If you try to continue in the way that you did before this event, you will find it very challenging indeed.

Utilise this pause to rest and gain the clarity on which direction you wish to head in. Will it be to go back to your normal way of living and being, full of story and restlessness?

Or will you choose to live from the place of peace that is the core of who you are and make choices from this place instead?

Only through rest can you truly know what is best for you.

Guides Need Downtime Too!

Before I go it is worth mentioning when you spend time resting it also allows your guides to do the same. We, just as much as you need downtime, so spare a thought for your guides too on this matter.

I leave you to ponder on this message.