Messages From The Heavenly Realms ~ Goddess Serenity 1

Messages From The Heavenly Realms ~ Goddess Serenity

Introducing Serenity

Messages From The Heavenly Realms ~ Goddess Serenity 2

This is Serenity a Goddess aspect of a customer of mine who wished to share a message to everyone.

As you can see in the image, she has white hair and wears white too.

Her message is in regards to attributes of white and how this can be beneficial to use in your life.

Message From Serenity

As I’m sure you are aware my name Serenity means to be at peace, tranquil and white can have the same affect upon you as it offers an inner cleansing of your thoughts, emotions and entire system.

This can prepare you nicely for new beginnings, enabling you to envisage a new life for yourself as white not only assists with purifying, it also awakens growth and creativity.

Opening the door to allow your imagination to create whatever you wish to manifest.

You could class it as a blank canvas with the potential to imprint whatever you wish upon its surface.

As it is the great illuminator inviting new ideas and inspiration as well as clarity in a situation you were unclear or unsure about.

If you are wishing to simplify your life then white can promote this to enable you truly appreciate what is important in your life and enjoy it. Whilst at the same time this colour allows you to wipe the slate clean of the past so you can make changes and move on.

You can envisage yourself in a bubble of white to protect you when going about your daily lives to prevent any unwanted influences that may affect your mood and thoughts and it is good to do this in the morning before the start of your day.

It may be worth doing more than once depending on where you are going or what you are doing to ensure your energy remains clear. This is important because it allows you to think clearly so you speak and act in authenticity and in alignment with truth. It also sustains your energy at the same time.

So dear ones utilise white, whether that is wearing it, painting walls with it or just visualising in your imagination.  Blessings to you all.



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