Imagination And Its Powerful Influence 1

Imagination And Its Powerful Influence

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The Misuse Of The Imagination

I felt prompted to talk about the subject of imagination having had discussions with a friend on the manipulation of certain experiences he’d had, that led to upset and friendships being terminated as a result.

Imagination is something that is not really talked about much, but yet it is a powerful faculty we use in our every-day life. Unfortunately, we were not taught in school how to truly utilise this creative aspect of ourselves and this has led to the misuse of it instead.

More often than not we tend to use the imagination to create worse case scenarios, or fantasise about certain situations, that are far from the truth and this can lead to stress, struggle and feeling disempowered.

The imagination was never meant to be used by the personal mind to manipulate through fear-based thoughts and insecurities.

Using The Imagination As A Tool

Imagination And Its Powerful Influence 2

Rather it is as a tool in which to create what we want to experience, to attract in abundance that we desire, or birth creations into the world. It is with the imagination we can tap into our greatest potential yet to be fully realised.                  

When imagination is used in co-operation with our intuition, it creates a very powerful, and impactful impression in our life. One that can lead to fulfilment, expansion and joy.

Examining How We Use Our Imagination

The first thing we need to examine is how do we use our imagination and be totally honest with ourselves about this.

If we are feeling less than good about ourselves this can lead to using the imagination as a way of making ourselves feel small and insignificant through constant criticism and judgment. Leading to hidden agendas and the manipulation of situations involving other people.

This is something I’ve found myself doing in the past because of the stories I was telling myself – those self-defeating thoughts and ideas due to feeling unworthy.

In fact, it is only in the last month or so I discovered how through an old habit I was unconsciously using the imagination from listening to the mind and feeling paranoia about certain experiences as a result.

It is through these unconscious habits and behaviours we are using the imagination in a way that we succumb to fate and that is why the majority of our experiences end up as mixture of enjoyable and the undesirable. Or that we blow situations out of proportion through fear.

The Importance Of Becoming More Present

Imagination And Its Powerful Influence 3

Therefore, it is important to become more present. Focusing on what is really happening in any given moment without allowing the mind to engage with thoughts that lead to false stories.

Once we are aware of what we are doing, especially if we are using the imagination for self-defeating purposes, we then have the opportunity to stop this and make a change.

More often than not these self-defeating thoughts are so automatic we must be mindful to stop on a regular basis when we find ourselves doing this. As in turn this will help us to retrain ourselves to use the imagination for its original intent.

Awareness is the key to enable us to make better choices and decisions especially in regards to how we use our greatest creative faculty, that being the imagination. As it allows us to access our greatest potential.

Not Wasting Any More Time

We cannot afford to waste any more time in using this for destructive unproductive purposes, because in the 5th dimension the use of the imagination will be the forefront of all that we choose to experience.  As whatever we focus upon will manifest more rapidly than ever before.

So, it is vital we begin to appreciate this aspect of ourselves and start using it in a way that can bring the desired outcomes through deliberate creating.

Quietening the mind and learning to trust our intuition is something we must focus upon now more than ever. This to enable us to receive the appropriate information in which we can expand upon using the imagination along with our senses.

Becoming Master's Of Our Own Destinies

If we are to become masters of our own destinies then we must be mindful the imagination plays a major role in this and abusing this faculty must stop! As the abuse of this only leads to undesirable outcomes that do not serve anyone in the long-term.

Let’s become more aware of how we are using our imagination and see it as an opportunity to create a more fulfilling life for ourselves. As in turn this will impact the world through us making this positive change within ourselves.



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The Importance Of Feeling Good

Imagination And Its Powerful Influence 5

The first and most important thing to note before starting to use the imagination is to feel good. If you are not feeling good then your focus will be on lack and problems, and this will only manifest what you don’t want when coming to use the imagination.

Feeling is more important than thinking as it is through vibration we manifest.

So, if you are not in a good space choose to do something that makes you feel good first before attempting to use the imagination.

Suggestions For Supporting Your Imaginings

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Try these suggestions out once you are feeling good, and in the mood to create.

  • Write a story you being the main character of it, focusing on the subject of what you want to experience such as attracting a romance for example. Put it in present tense and use all your senses to make it as real as possible.
  • Create a vision board with lots of images on your chosen subject


  • You could also art journal like you can see in these examples I’ve shared here.


  • Use positive affirmations or statements to support what you are trying to manifest and again use present tense. For example, “I am so blessed to be sharing my life with this guy who is so loving and supportive”. As you do this really feel blessed.

Allow these to be starting points when it comes to visualising your desired experiences in your imagination. Think about why you want to create this particular experience, thing, or feeling.

Imagination And Its Powerful Influence 7

Ask ~ Believe ~ Receive

Don’t focus on the how but more on feeling good as this will help you to feel confident it will come to pass. Be mindful any doubt or fear will only block or cancel out what you are trying to attract so be vigilant in keeping your vibrations high and thinking positively.

Begin now to start using the imagination for its true purpose and allow your life become one big fulfilling adventure.