Surrender ~ Just Say Yes! 1

Surrender ~ Just Say Yes!

Embracing Change

Up until the last year or so I’ve often been a yes person and what I mean by this is, saying yes to people in order to please and keep the peace instead of creating healthy boundaries and saying no when appropriate.

However, the yes, I wish to talk about here is more to do with embracing change and being willing to try new experiences when they arise, no matter if they feel daunting.

We find ourselves in the midst of great change right now, with all that has transpired since this pandemic began.

We only have to look at social media and the news at the negative impact it is having on many, who are desperately seeking strong leadership to guide them in the right direction.

Unfortunately, at present there seems to be very little of this in government, and chaos and disharmony are the result.

This takes me back to when I was a child, where I did not receive appropriate guidance, needed on an emotional level to handle new experiences and embrace change when it arose.

This led me to hesitate and procrastinate over the years. Many opportunities have been missed because of not allowing myself to say yes to the invitation’s life was presenting to me.

Most often the barrier to this is wanting to be a master at it, or to do something perfectly first time, as I thought I needed to achieve.

It is the fear of failure that wells up and so we wish to run back into our comfortable safe lives. That which is familiar and what we are able to manage and control without too much effort.

It can also be that we are waiting for someone else’s permission or approval and this is something else I tended to do too.

It is only recently this has begun to change for me because I realised, I am here to experience, to explore, to discover through participation.

That life is precious and I must utilise my time wisely whilst I still can.

I am not here to stand on the side-lines watching others having a go, no! I needed to dive in, to take that leap of faith, take a risk rather than play it safe, if I wished to expand and lead a more fulfilling life. 

An Invitation To Come Out Of Comfort

Looking at this crisis in more depth is this not an invitation to come out of comfort? To realise there is so much more to life than how we have been perceiving it to be? To explore beyond the known and familiar?

We are being given the opportunity to change the way we view life and how we respond to it.

What I’m discovering now, it is about being in a state of allowance, of surrender rather than striving to make change or even resisting the onset of change.

Surrendering and allowing requires us to trust implicitly the flow of life and this is in no way linear as it once may have been.

The more I’ve surrendered to not knowing, to no longer striving as is the normal way of living, I’ve opened the door to unexpected invitations and opportunities without much effort on my part. Where there has been no planning involved, only a spontaneous acceptance to what presented itself out of the blue.

The New Way Of Living & Being

I see this as the new way of living and being. In that the more we can pay attention to the existence we are beyond identity, beyond mind, we align ourselves with the flow of synchronistic events. These are like breadcrumbs leading to ever greater adventures and explorations. However, in order for us to follow these breadcrumbs we must first say yes!

Our souls are constantly sending us messages and prompts to try this or explore that, but most often we are not listening or paying attention to this aspect. So, as a result we miss what could ultimately be leading us, to experiences beyond our wildest dreams.

The Journey Is The Goal

Surrender ~ Just Say Yes! 2

I pulled this tarot card out from Osho Zen Tarot. As you can see it says Travelling. Here is the interpretation of this card:

The tiny figure moving on the path through this beautiful landscape is not concerned about the goal.

He or she knows that the journey is the goal, the pilgrimage itself is the sacred place.

Each step on the path is important in itself. When this card appears in a reading, it indicates a time of movement and change.

It may be a physical movement from one place to the next, or an inner movement from one way of being to another.

But whatever the case, this card promises that the going will be easy and will bring a sense of adventure and growth; there is no need to struggle or plan too much.

The Traveling card also reminds us to accept and embrace the new, just as when we travel to another country with a different culture and environment than the one we are accustomed to.

This attitude of openness and acceptance invites new friends and experiences into our lives.

So, what this is saying is, life is not about trying reach a final destination but rather about enjoying the experiences we encounter moment to moment, day by day without an end result in mind. In doing this life becomes an endless flow of adventures.

If, however, our only focus is on achieving results then we find life becomes very competitive and hard going and the owe-ness is on doing rather than being. This just leads to exhaustion and stress and we miss enjoying the fruits and nectar available to us when we take the time to stop. 

Life Is Never Static Or Fixed

We must also bear in mind life is never static or fixed and it challenges us to constantly be adaptable to change. We should never take for granted things are going to stay the same, as this pandemic has illustrated.

Therefore, does this not indicate we must be prepared to face change head on, no matter how it makes us feel? To see it more as an invitation to explore and view things from a wider perspective and understanding than before?

So, I ask you, are you willing to change? Are you willing to just say yes without resistance or fighting what is?

I leave you to ponder on this.

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