Connecting to the Divine Feminine 1

Connecting to the Divine Feminine

Whilst gazing upon the photo you can see on the featured image I felt a strong impression the Goddess of this well wished to be channelled through to enable people to see and acknowledge her presence. (Photo is of the pool at Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury UK sourced from Rachael Te Wano who gave me permission to use it). Here is a poem I was inspired to write after channelling this Goddess through.

Oh, blessed ones I come to you with a heart full of cheer

Delighted to see you rising out of limitations and fear

As the creative force awakens, this energy of the female divine,

Is uncoiling and rising up like a silent serpent in your spine

Allow my sacred waters cleanse your bodies to flush out what is stagnant and old

To enable you to be an empty vessel ready for a re-birth to unfold

Out of dormancy, out the dark I rise from my sleeping tomb

Feel my energies swirling at the core of your very womb.

Allow my supportive energies embrace you and nurture you like a mother with her child

So that you may experience the power of boundless love so playful, free and wild.

I felt this goddess was a representative of the Divine female that is rising within us all and that it is time to connect and dive into our emotional waters within. There are many beautiful goddesses who are guardians of nature’s water sources, whether this be a well, river, lake,  sea or ocean. The presence of this goddess is encouraging us to visit one local to us and spend time connecting to these waters, to the being guarding it and send our appreciation, love and reverence to them. As we do so they will be willing to help us tap into our own female energy for healing and integration of this aspect.   No longer can this part of our nature be repressed or hidden in the shadows as this is the aspect that enables us to connect with our divinity, to the source of our inspiration, insights, wisdom through the intuition. If we wish to ascend this part of us needs to be acknowledged and integrated fully, it cannot be ignored. Our female aspect allows us to align with the flow of potential and as we tap into this through our intentions, we bring forth the seeds to be nurtured and germinate within the womb of the female within. Whether this be a physical manifestation of a baby or any other project we wish to create. Then when the time is ripe it is the responsibility of the divine male to take this and express it out into the external world. A balance of both aspects are needed for this process to work successfully and for us to live harmoniously. We have seen from our history how an inbalance of these aspects can bring such dsyfunction, confusion, war, separation and dependancy on the external, leading to nothing but suffering. So you can see now how vital this aspect is for us all to embrace. The presence of this goddess signifies the need to allow ourselves to express any repressed emotions and stuffed up tears. To look at the shadow that has been playing out in our life. It is allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, to show our imperfections, weaknesses, quirkiness as this is what makes us unique. We are not robots, we are divine playing a human. Both the human and divine aspect of ourselves need to be embraced and expressed. Therefore to be vulnerable is acknowledging our human side and this is the part that helps us to connect to all of life on a deep level and feel that oneness with it.

Connecting to the Divine Feminine 2

I recently drew this abstracted picture that was inspired by my spirit team who I had asked to help me embrace my shadow aspect for healing and release. This image I felt depicted the divine female coursing through the cells cleansing them of all old, stale energies. I could sense my spirit team were indicating this is what is happening at present from this image and that I was to meet this aspect halfway by acknowledging all that was arising from this purging taking place. To observe the feelings, sensations and emotions yet not engage with them  through the thoughts that arise from the mind.

Here is a poem inspired by the image.



The Female Divine

The female divine is surging through my cells

Cleansing them in her wake

As the old is purged out it makes my body shake

Nothing can hold her back now

Her presence is definitely here

As she nurtures my very being in love to remove the fear

All patterns of distortion are dissolving as I speak

Whilst an inner strength arises counteracting any sense of feeling weak.

Emotions are like water in the sense they are meant to flow and move (e-motion) The Divine feminine is teaching us this now as she rises and will leave no stone unturned when it comes to releasing all that does not align with truth. It is important for us to co-operate with this aspect by surrendering and letting go of what is not in for our highest and greatest good. I must admit I have found this challenging at times because some of this old stuff can have a powerful hypnotic effect to pull me back into its drama, but the knowing I am more than whatever is arising, helps prevent me from doing this. To go through this process is self-compassion and self-love, we are no longer abandoning ourselves in favour for external stimuli or to please others. We are allowing ourselves to stand in our own power to reclaim our sovereignty and as we do so become masters of our own destiny.



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