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Spirit Art by Janine Keall

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and I’m a Psychic Artist. The service I offer is to connect you with one or all of your spirit team who are assigned to you during your lifetime. I will draw a portrait that is unique and personal to you of any of your spirit team you request to connect with. You will also receive written information related to this spirit being, as well as their personal message to you. This team consists of; Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Animal guides and other spirit beings who are assisting you every step of the way through your journey here on Earth so you always have support to call upon at any time. I invite you to browse my website to view examples of my work and to learn more about the beings in spirit here to help and guide you.
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What is Psychic Art?

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Psychic art is a form of mediumship where the medium makes a connection to the spirit world and will be used by spirit to draw an image. This image could come in the form of a spirit guide or to convey information in a more abstract way. This may come through in a number of ways such as; symbols, patterns, colours, shapes, words, numbers or mark-making.

Everything is made up of energy therefore art that is channelled has its own energy signature or codes that will resonate with the recipient it is intended for. As the recipient meditates upon the image they will begin to connect with the energy held within the art imagery as well as the art medium used to create the image.

As you will see if you browse my work the images are mainly portraits of spirit beings, however, the colours I use are very significant. As each colour has a frequency of its own and coincides with our chakra system. For example green – heart chakra can represent harmony, healing, nature. Orange – Sacrel chakra represents sociability, joy, creativity. During a session with a customer who was not nurturing herself or loving herself enough, I was guided to apply some pastel pink onto her guide picture in the form of pink flowers, as you can see in the image here. Pink represents self-love and nurturing. Her guide encouraged her to look at this colour and breath it in as a way of healing herself. The blue in the background was an indication she needed to express her truth.

Psychic art opens up a new way of connecting and communicating with spirit  or consciousness as it can be expressed in so many diverse ways. As a result information from the spirit world can reach far and wide to many people from all walks of life.

Here are some examples of what I can draw for you

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Spirit Guide
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Inner Child
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Ascended Master
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Crystal Guide

How to order a Portraits, E-Gift Certificates and Private Sessions

If you wish to order a portrait, E-gift Certificate or book a private session, there is a link to my Etsy shop just below. Click on this and it will take you directly to Etsy, from there you can choose which one to order by clicking on the picture.

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