How I connected to Spirit through Art Journalling

As I was going through the dark night of the soul in 2010 I received the inspiration to create an art journal. In this blog I wish to share with you how creating an art journal led me to connect to spirit and my own innate wisdom. I realised this art journal was a vision board in a book having looked back over during the past few years to see the content I placed in it had manifested or was manifesting. All that poured out onto the pages was how I wanted my life to be. I want to share with you how creating this art journal had such a positive affect upon my life and was the starting point for what I am doing now as a Psychic Artist. As we continue to journey through the ascension process it is important to acknowledge all that is arising, all that is coming up to be healed and released to enable us to continue to embody our Higher Self and mature into a deeper awareness and understanding of life as a multi-dimensional being. Art journaling can help us with this the purging process as well as opening a portal in which we can connect with our Higher Self and other aspects of consciousnesss such as Spirit Guides. Art works on many levels therefore can tap deep into the psyche to enable us to look at what is going on internally and doing so make the necessary changes if this is needed. In this video I express how you do not need to be a talented artist because it is not about creating a masterpiece to exhibit or be pleasing to the eye. This art is for connection, communication and expression. To create an art journal all that is needed is a willingness and openess to have a go. It is about being playful about exploring and investigating both our inner and outer worlds. If you have been inspired by this blog, I have set up a community Facebook page you are welcome to join Tri Star Art – Art for Truth and Transformation to share your art work that is helping you to transform your life. If you are new to this process but are interested in trying please join too. 

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