Focus of the Month - Past Life 1

Focus of the Month – Past Life

Each month I will be focusing on one of the spirit beings or aspects I can channel through, highlighting the significance of the role they play and how they can benefit you in your life.

This month I am focusing on Past Life. The benefit of receiving a Past life portrait can be very useful indeed. Knowing who you were in a past life is not just for mere curiosity. To know who you were in a past life can perhaps help you to understand where your strengths and natural abilities may have stemmed from. It can help you to receive clarity on why you have difficulties in this life time, how phobias have come about or perhaps why you have an affiliation with a country or place. There are numerous benefits to connecting to a past life.

To give you an example the portrait you see in the featured image is of one of my incarnations. I was a female Shaman known as a Machi. The Machi were part of the Mapuche tribe in Chile. They are responsible for warding off evil, healing patients through herbs and healing waters. They bridged the gap between the spirit realms and the physical realms for soul retrievals, predictions. They performed rituals to connect with the animals and for special ceremonies. The ability of the Shaman is to interpret what nature and life beyond the veil is trying to teach and convey through messages and bring this through to guide and heal.

The significance of this past incarnation for myself is that I am now aware of where my skills for connecting to spirit have come from. I can tap into this incarnation to help me strengthen my abilities in this area and learn more of the life I led and how I can utilise more of the skills I used during this lifetime. The Machi Shamans used drums for their ceremonies and rituals I can now understand why I have a love for drumming and where this has originated from.

I am receiving a vision of this aspect drumming. The guidance I am receiving from this past life aspect is to align myself to the rhythm of my own heart and that of the Mother Earth to bring more harmony into my life and to enable me to develop a stronger connection to the natural world that have many messages to convey to me. It is being suggested for me to join a drumming group to tap into this ability once again. To remain grounded and down to Earth and look beyond the surface level of things to reach a greater understanding of what is going on, to enable me to truly see where perhaps changes need to be made or what is really true for me or for a client I am working with. I am being encouraged to spend more time in nature, again for grounding purposes and to receive healing and re-juvination, as channelling can be quite draining. It also provides the opportunity to for me receive messages from the Elementals and nature spirits whilst being used as a conduit to channel energy into the Mother Earth. I am being encouraged to be highly observant in my daily life so as not to miss anything that perhaps may be of significance to me or perhaps to help someone else I may meet.

She is also telling me to trust the information I receive, the first impressions I receive are correct, I must avoid over analysing or judge what comes otherwise I begin to doubt myself and this blocks the flow to receiving more information. It is also important to be bold and courageous in expressing these messages to others particularly if it may be something they may not like to hear. Truth must be told no matter the response, even if they do not appreciate it at the time it will at least plant a seed that may bear fruit at a later date.

So, to summarise here are the benefits of connecting to a past life.

  • Discover where talents, abilities, strengths and passions have originated from.
  • Reveal dormant abilities and skills.
  • To receive guidance.
  • Discover more about the life you led in this past incarnation.
  • Reveal where perhaps phobias, blocks, difficulties in your current life have stemmed from to enable you to heal and release these.
  • To learn why you have an affiliation with certain places or with people.

So, as you can see you have a lot to gain from connecting to a past life. I hope this has given you food for thought and perhaps the incentive to discover who you were in a past life.





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