Crystal Guides Janine Keall

How I came to channel portraits of Crystal Guides

In July of 2016 I visited a friend who has an array of crystals. She kindly allowed me to feel some of them. One that I held was the Azurite crystal, she invited me to take it if I wanted, but at that time I did not.

The following week I met up with her again and she produced the Azurite crystal, informing me it wanted to be with me, so I took it home. I did not do anything with it for a few days, then one day I looked at it and noticed a face on its surface. I then received the inspiration to channel through a being using the crystal as a portal.

This is the spirit of an intergalatic being called Odriann.


Introducing Odriann

Odriann is the gatekeeper to other dimensions and star systems. She is a teacher of psychic skills and will assist the holder of the crystal in their psychic development so they may in time discover their multidimensional existence and learn to astral travel.

Odriann will also bestow the confidence to speak the truth in any given situation. Although I do not have the crystal, having her picture allows me to connect with her at any time as her energies are impregnated into the portrait. She informed me she is willing to work with me to develop my psychic skills.

This was an exciting development for me, and since this time I have channelled other beings through from a number of crystals for other people. I was informed the beings who use crystals in this way, place an aspect of their consciousness  into it so when the user holds the crystal it signals to the being to come to the assistance of the user if they so choose to connect.

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