Focus of the month - Elf Guide 1

Focus of the month – Elf Guide

The focus for this month is the Elf guide. My Elf guide Elora the one you can see in the featured image, came through rather by surprise. I was in the midst of drawing a guide for a client and she came through. I thought at first this was the guide for the client however her enchanting energies made me realise otherwise as I felt such a connection to her. I received the impression from this beautiful magical being their race and other Elemental beings wanted to connect with the human race to help bring harmony into the natural world. Co-operating as we once did during the time of Atlantis. So offering to channel Elf guide portraits for people came into being.

In a reading I received from Elora through international reader Jocelyn Joy Thomas I was told my soul origins were from the Elemental kingdom and that she had come through to inform me they are helping me in this lifetime. As I deepen my connection to them they would share their ancient and secret knowledge to me.

Elora informed me she wished to bring a message through for the world and so I asked Marlene Swetlishoff to scribe a message from her. Marlene has kindly given me permission to share the message here on my website for you to read, in the hope you may be inspired to connect with the Elven  kingdom.

Here is the message:

Elora of the Elven Kingdom

Guide to Janine Keall 




I, Elora, am delighted to come forward in the role of Elven Ambassador in order to impart a message to humanity that can bridge our two worlds in a meaningful way. It is a time of great change and transformation in the evolution of our planet and the world of the Elves is once again ready to work with humanity in a spirit of love, respect, cooperation and unity. This was something that was very evident in the times of long ago, for we were seen and recognized for our role as Guardians of the forests and plant kingdoms.  As part of our duties, we work to help the trees and plants grow, blossom and thrive with great abundance and profusion.


We can appear as very serious and this is because we are very dedicated to our mission in our role as Guide. Our human must have a pure heart.  Once our connection is made, we are always available to be called upon and can travel instantly. We are focused and go out of our way to help heal, assist and protect our human and help them to attain unity consciousness as this brings them understanding of their own Divine nature. This understanding is necessary for raising their consciousness and that of their planet to ascension vibration. Once we know that we can trust our human to work with us with respect, honor and loyalty, we will do anything for them that it is possible for us to do.


We are high frequency beings and hold powerful magic and Light within our Elven form. As humanity will discover, beneath our serious demeanour there is a sense of profound tranquility and joy as we live in absolute harmony with our natural environment. This requires us to act responsibly with regard to all life forms on the planet. We are able to bring abundance and stability to every area of our lives by focusing on the powerful energy that flows around us in every moment in order to maintain harmony at all times. As we work together with our human counterpart, they will absorb this energy by osmosis and this can be greatly beneficial in the areas of healing.


We hold knowledge and wisdom of how to restore the forests and the plant kingdoms to their original Divine blueprint. This is the magic that we hold and we can teach our humans how to interact with the forces of nature and the elementals to stay in harmony with the cycles of the seasons and with planetary energies as they flow and move through the atmosphere of the Earth in alignment with Divine law and the conscious beings of energy  known as the Elohim at sub atomic levels of life. It is through this higher order of beings as they unite in love with each other that creates all of our kingdoms and brings them into manifestation.


We, the Elven Family, make a Call to humanity to awaken and become aware of the environment in which they live, breathe and have their consciousness. There is so much they have yet to learn but we are eager, enthusiastic and willing to work together to bring about positive and benevolent changes, to open the door to a new reality where we can all live as One in peace, love and understanding. This is our most fervent prayer.


©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama.


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To have one of these beings as a guide is very special indeed. If you have a strong connection to nature perhaps you have a Elven guide waiting to connect with you.





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