Wisdom From Beyond The Veil - January Message 1

Wisdom From Beyond The Veil – January Message

Wisdom From Beyond The Veil - January Message 2

I felt inspired to incorporate messages from spirit on a monthly basis with the intention to bring some wisdom and inspiration your way that may be of assistance in your life. Here is January’s message.

This is a being from the Pleaidean system who wishes to share a message with you at this time. I feel he is some sort of diplomat who attends council meetings, a great orator and listener.

He was not forth coming with a name as he stated presence is more relevant than a name or label.


Dear ones these are such exciting times to behold indeed for you who have chosen to incarnate at this time.

It is a joy for us here in the higher light realms to witness what is occurring on your planet. Celebrations are ringing out as the transformation takes place thanks to your valiant efforts to anchor in the light.

It is imperative dear ones you discern what is your truth and that arising from the collective as the intense purging continues for all. Before speaking or taking action make sure it arises from a state of peace. Yes, this is a challenge when strong emotions and a tsunami of thoughts invade your being.

Take heart dear ones as they come to be acknowledged only and will pass if you do not resist them. If you investigate you will come to recognise that all thought arises within your being, what this means is your beingness or presence exists before any thought, before an ‘I’ or a ‘me’.

 As you can see in my picture there is space behind my image, I show this to represent the space that exists before manifestation. Space is required before any content can be manifested or experienced.

You dear ones if you contemplate this, will come to realise you are the space for which all thought, emotions and sensations can be experienced. Therefore, when these arise, be mindful you are not the content but the very container. In knowing this you can surpass the suffering by dropping behind it.

When I say you please be aware, I do not refer to an identity, but rather as presence or more for a better word consciousness. Consciousness does not attach itself to any passing phenomena, it is just the witness to it, allowing it to be there to experience and nothing more. Nothing is truly to be taken as gospel, when it ebbs and flows like the waves of the ocean. Only that which is stable and does not waver in the face of constant movement and change is truth, even though it is not a tangible thing.

Freedom is experienced by those who are willing to explore their discomfort and unease with an open heart, filled with compassion towards those unforgiving beliefs and thoughts. Your so-called identity is in fact a mere phantom of the mind that stifles the creativity and spontaneity of the consciousness that you truly are, so dear ones let it go.

You no longer need to uphold an image or label yourself as this or that. This only serves to enslave you, to keep you on the treadmill of what is safe and known. Break-free, take risks, allow your curiosity to blossom. Remember as consciousness you are here to experience and this is what truly matters at this time.

Peace be with you.





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