A Return To Simplicity and Innocence 1

A Return To Simplicity and Innocence

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The Focus Of This Month

It was mentioned in a reading, the focus of the month of April, would be about simplifying my life to enable me to experience freedom and return to innocence. I was unsure of what this truly meant. However, through recent events and the upsets experienced because of them, on investigation of these, I discovered it was to help me see what was serving and what wasn’t. To enable me to simplify things.

Being Grateful

I am so grateful for these disappointments, the let downs, what has not worked out, because each time this occurs it frees me from the illusions that the mind has concocted and romanticised. Hypnotising me into thinking it was real, when all the while it just created a total misinterpretation of reality.  It revealed the need to release the old emotional habits and patterns I was still playing out.

It came to light I was attaching myself to a particular relationship and in a subtle way depending on them. I also received clarity I’m being swept away by someone else’s dream, rather than focusing on my own.

These people pleasing behaviours are what complicate my life and in releasing them I can live simply and let life flow without interruption or interference, hence experience freedom as a result.

The Ever Unfolding Rose

A Return To Simplicity and Innocence 2

This is the ever-unfolding rose, demonstrating there is in truth nothing against me.  All it is truly doing is cracking open my heart, to reveal the truth that has always been present, yet I did not recognise due to the distractions from the mind. I was reminded of this only a few weeks back when I channelled a portrait of my friend’s spirit guide Amy who presented herself as a rose to remind him of just this.

The Invitation

In truth all experience especially those where upset or disappointment ensues, is the invitation to look at where I am out of alignment and where I’ve been pursuing ‘Everything Good Outside’, as it shows in these two cards that came up for me this week.

A Return To Simplicity and Innocence 3

The first card from Osho Zen Tarot represents the fall of egoic sense of self that can happen in a flash and reveals the witness self, watching the drama without engaging. The card is a reminder that despite paying attention to the ego-mind this one is always present and will never disappoint, fail, or just be a temporary fix because it is the unchangeable reality. However, a rude awakening or shock of some kind is often needed for it to be recognised as such. 

The second card from Work Your Light by Rebecca Campbell is similar to the first in that it shows a shattering of the identity of who I thought I was. That I cannot continue to live my life as I once did, because it is no longer in alignment with my truth, hence why the disappointments and let downs occurred to demonstrate this.

A Return To Simplicity and Innocence 4

The Perfect Time

So, I ask you dear readers are you experiencing something similar? Are you in need of making changes to align with your truth? This is the perfect time to investigate for yourself whilst this lockdown period continues.  To see where you maybe holding onto illusions or to what does not serve you anymore. So you may release yourself from them, to begin afresh, anew when this crisis abates.