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Wisdom Beyond The Veil ~ Fairy Energy

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Fairy Energy

A couple of weeks back I channelled a fairy through for a customer. The day before channelling I’d not felt too well. However as I began to channel the fairy the following day I could feel my spirit lift and as a result I began to sing as I continued the drawing. After connecting with this fairy I received a strong sense the fairies wished to come through to spread their playful and uplifting energies with us, as we endure this crises on our planet at this time. I was inspired to connect with the daffodil fairy as we in the northern hemisphere enter spring. May this fairy and its message assist you at this time.

Message from The Daffodil Fairy


I am the Daffodil fairy

I come to bring you cheer,

To uplift you in these times of stress

Dispersing any fear.

Allow my yellow energy

To brighten up your day,

And put a spring back in your step,

Like the child excited to play.

So, whenever you notice the onset,

of feelings and thoughts of dread.

Just spend time in my presence,

Then happier thoughts will enter your head.

Enjoy my golden yellow

That brings joy, laughter and fun,

Illuminating your soul and spirit

Just like the Earth, from the rays of the sun.

J R Keall 16/3/20

Connect with The Nature Spirits

If you can go out into nature and allow the natural environment cleanse you, uplift you and ground you. As you do this it will bring you back into the here and now. Remaining present allows us to see things more objectively and as a result we can respond to fearful situations in a more responsible and positive manner.

Find somewhere quiet, take some deep breaths and connect with the environment around you. Send some love out to the nature spirits of where you are, thank them for all they do. Remain quiet and see if you receive a response. It may come as a feeling, a sensation on the skin or you may feel an opening of your heart. If you experience nothing do not be dismayed, just trust you are connecting. It may take a number of practises before you experience anything but just keep sending out your gratitude each time.

Connecting with this Daffodil fairy may help you to do this, its just a matter of patience. It is also important to have a quiet mind and be as relaxed as possible if you wish to connect with them. Have a go anyway and see what occurs.