Wisdom Beyond The Veil ~ February Message 1

Wisdom Beyond The Veil ~ February Message

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The Wisdom of Laughing Coyote

Wisdom Beyond The Veil ~ February Message 2

This months message from beyond the veil is from an American Indian whose name is Laughing Coyote who was part of the Sioux tribe. He has a fun-loving nature as you can see from his expression and during his incarnation he loved to play pranks amonst his tribe. You could say he was the comedian, the fool whose job it was to use the medicine of laughter, fun, playfulness as a way of teaching and spreading wisdom amongst his tribe. In times of hardship his comic counsel as he puts it was vital to bring upliftment and a reminder of not to take oneself or life too seriously. Even in the midst of foreboding events or challenging situations. He would often play pranks on people to shock them out of their fixed and rigid states to bring them back to a state of flow, simplicity and trust. His name represents the teachings of the Coyote it’s medicine brings the message of having a balance of wisdom and folly and that they both go hand in hand.

His Message

Laughing Coyote comes to bring the message of returning to our innocence. To that part of us detached from judgement, condeming, wallowing in self-pity, critical thinking of any kind. If we wish to remove ourselves from the loops of old patterns, habits, behaviours they must be acknowledged by the innocent part of ourselves. Whilst at the same time not be bogged down by the heavy energies and what can help in this situation is to play. Play for the pure joy of playing and not for any other reason. Play without any pre-conceived idea in mind or any desire for achievement brings the freedom of expressing one’s true authenticity. It opens the door to expanding our horizons, new possibilities and opportunities. It allows us to take risks, do things wrong and even make a mess, because what is important here is not any final outcome. Play allows us to let go, have fun, explore and release pent up emotion through this outlet of expression.

“Play without any pre-conceived idea in mind or any desire for achievement brings the freedom of expressing one’s true authenticity. It opens the door to expanding our horizons, new possibilities and opportunities.”

Play helps us to become more adaptable and flexible in this ever changing world we live in. Whilst releasing us from being stuck in a rut or staying in our comfort zone. Through play we are returning to our innocence, re-awakening the child like wisdom in response to the world and in doing so aligns us with the flow of this abundant universe. It brings poise in the midst of chaos as it helps to ground us and bring us back to the core of our power, the well-spring of limitless ideas and inspiration.

Coyote Wisdom

Laughing Coyote asks for us to study the way of the Coyote, who is the trickster. Its wisdom is about tricking you out of your seriousness, to learn to laugh at yourself more and see the wisdom of your life and its events. Coyote teaches; through folly you can tap into great wisdom and guidance because wisdom is more often than not hidden in the most unlikely of places. Such as those times we are letting go through non-serious play, where we are more relaxed and in a state of receptivity. When in this state it enables us to listen to those whispers the soul is constantly sending through out hearts.

The way you play is up to you, whatever resonates and makes your heart sing. All that matters is you make it part of your daily self-love and caring routine.


Coyote also teaches the importance of simplicity. Remember Great Spirit is the eternal simple. To live in simplicity is to live in alignment with the Great Spirit, you are an aspect of. Simplicity also opens the door to creativity, intuitive guidance from our very soul, so be in simplicity. Do not let the mind create complication. If life feels complicated your attention is dwelling in the mind.

Bring yourself back to the silence within. Where there are no pressures, no expectations or demands. This silence that holds no stories of who or what you think you are, it is the space where there is only potential before it manifests. Be in this space and you will experience joy, peace, simplicity and the guidance to create positive change in fun and playful ways.