Marlene Swetlishoff scribe to Ascended Master Hilarion

Marlene’s Testimonial

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It is with heartfelt gratitude to Janine Keall, the very amazing and talented psychic artist from the United Kingdom to whom I regularly turn to bring forward channeled images of the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels and Galactic Beings who work in and through me as a Scribe and Channel in bringing forth messages to the people of the world who hold the Light on our planet!

Janine has a strong intuitive ability to tune into and capture the very essence of their energy and inherent living spirit in the beautiful image of them. The image she creates seems to be alive and has a wonderful quality of love and wisdom shining through each Being. Janine understands that the energy she sees is infused into her paintings, making them focal points for healing and communication for each recipient.

Each image that Janine channels helps a person to receive telepathic and intuitive guidance from their spiritual guide and/or Family of Light member that represents a connection to them. This means that one can use the portrait as an energetic and invaluable tool in order to assist in the development of one’s own spiritual, intuitive and psychic abilities.

Janine has also channeled and contributed a wonderful crystal Deva image for every crystal message I have received in the soon to be published book “The Stone People Speak, Book One”. She has kindly and generously agreed to the use of them in this book and the others that the crystal Devas want to come into being in the future.

It has been a wonderful, happy and harmonious collaboration and I am blessed by Janine’s generosity, friendship and incredible talent – as are those people who are wise enough to commission a Spirit Guide portrait for their very own!


Marlene Swetlishoff,

Scribe/Channel, Author